Friday Form A Circle – Deluxe Candle Rituals

September 26, 2008 at 1:36 pm (Candle, Friday, Magic, Ritual, Witch)

* Deluxe Candle Ritual *

Unknown source

You need an area that is set apart where candles can burn undisturbed, or an alter space that you normally use. Place two taper candles on either end of your alter space, one representing the God, the other the Goddess. Center, you have an Herbal and Essential Oil Votive Candle. (we recommend burning the candle in a votive glass for best results. A censor for burning the appropriate incense, Love for love, Money for money, etc. is placed upper center. Stick or powdered will do.

All candles should be anointed with oil. Any vegetable or olive oil will work. However, we recommend using a companion oil for the spell candle as above. You should place a small amount of oil in your hands and rub it from the center up and then the center down. This is said to draw both the energy into the candle and send it out.

Next, we have provided you with some sample invocations that can be used for each Spell Candle. However, we recommend that you devise your own. Any spell from your heart is better than one someone writes for you. The important thing is to always visualize the result you desire as already being yours. Never doubt your ability to obtain the magical results you desire and never discuss your magical work with friends or associates, that will dispel the magic by allowing unwanted energies to find a way of entry. You may also need to repeat your spell on more than one occasion. Building up the mental archetype you desire may take some time. Don’t be discouraged if you find it necessary to repeat a spell. This is completely normal and most of us find that we will do a spell three, seven, even nine times before obtaining the desired result. Again, play with it and discover what works best for you. This Is Your Magic!

INVOCATIONS SUGGESTED PROCEDURE: Set up your candle burning area or alter space. Visualize yourself as being surrounded in white light. ( Those of you familiar with Circle work can of course cast a Circle). Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and center yourself. When you feel it is time, light the  two alter candles. A sample invocation might be

"I call Upon My God………or My Goddess……….(or both). to aid me in the rite that I might obtain__________(state desire) with harm to none."

Now light your offertory incense, focusing on your desire. Again visualize your desire as already attained. Now light your Magical Scents Herbal and Essential Oil Spell Candle and either use one of the suggested spells below or insert your own and burn some matching incense for the spell you are creating. Repeat the spell either out loud or in your mind until you feel that your desire has been set in motion. Now let the candles burn undisturbed until they are completely out. Close with a statement of thanks and burn another pinch of offertory incense. ( NEVER LEAVE THE CANDLES BURNING UNATTENDED).


This candle now burns to invoke the love I desire.
As it burns
may the love come with fire.
For I am loved, may I love too.
May the
love I draw always be true.


This candle represents the money I need.
I attract it now with all
No more, or less do I desire.
All forces of good attract prosperity to this fire.


The flame draws the health and strength I need.
As it burns I
feel total healing indeed.
As the powers now heal my body in need.
May there be strength always, So mote it be.
( to be used in
conjunction with conventional medicine)


The passion of lust drawn to this flame,
Is mine to rekindle
or to claim.
As the fiery essence courses through me,
With harm to none may I draw this need.


White light perfect and divine,
Shield me with perfect
protection in time.
To keep me from all harm is my desire.
So mote it


This candle burns to destroy the hex
And to make me free
from all the rest.
An uncrossed person will I emerge,
Free from the
hex’s wrath and scourge.


A new found luck now is mine,
As this candle burns I call on the
To aid me in this turn around,
My luck has now been new found.


As this candle burns for me,
Increased business will I see.
As customers come from far and wide,
May I sell all that is inside.


Open up my psychic eye
So that I may see beyond the sky.
Expand my mind with all speed,
For to know the unknowable is what I


Oh games of chance now be with me
And provide me with the
winning key.
Open the gates now closed and hidden.
Help me now and do
my bidding.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.


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