Saturday Something – The Four Planes

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The Four Planes
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To get successful results from magic, work must be done upon all four of the planes. In ascending order, these are the physical plane, the emotional plane, the mental plane,  and the spiritual plane.
The Physical Plane:
It is suggested you work with a structure which is similar to a four-story house when practicing magic. Imagine that the ground floor represents the physical plane. This floor contains  a number of rooms, each representing a particular magical technique appropriate to this plane. This is a room where oils are blended and poured, a room where candles are molded and consecrated, a room where waters are created, a room where powders and incense are compounded, and a room where crystals are cleansed and charged with energy. Each of
these rooms is dedicated to a particular element, so that as you work with these physical tools you learn about the four elements and their correspondence to the various facets
within your character.
There is a kitchen with a large hearth; this is your lab. And there is an herb garden just outside the kitchen. There is also a storage room which contains supplies of magical tools.  As a novice, you will, of necessity, spend more time obtaining supplies for magical practice than in creating the supplies themselves. Later, when you are more experienced, you may
decide to specialize in the creation of one or more magical tools. Finally, there is a small room which serves as a temple where, after all your preparations, you may practice your Magic. There are 2 important reasons to practice magic on the physical level.
First: physical materials such as herbs and incense stimulate your senses, which in turn activate certain areas of your psyche and create an emotional state in you conducive to
the practice of magic. Second: the use of physical materials grounds energies generated on the higher planes so that you obtain tangible results from your magical operations.

The Emotional Plane
According to Nancy Watson, this is the second floor of the house. It also contains several rooms. There is a quiet room where you can daydream and visualize what it is you want to achieve. There are studios where you can experiment with music, dance, or the visual arts to see what effect these have upon your emotional state. And there are a variety of therapy rooms available so that you may release the emotional stresses which are the primary cause of physical illness and pain. The emotional plane plays a pivotal role in magic. Desire to achieve a goal urges you to move up on level to the mental plane where you can plan your magical operations for optimal results.

The Mental Plane
The third floor is a symbol of the mental plane. This story is a vast library, with books of knowledge on all subjects, not just metaphysics and magic. There are chairs and couches so that you can mull over your goals and plans in comfort. There are writing desks, where you can create affirmations and incantations. The only sound tolerated here is the muffled shuffle of cards and the click of runes or coins as oracles are consulted.  The analysis and planning you do on this level are critical to the safe achievement of your goals through your practice of magic.

The Spiritual Plane:
The fourth and top floor represents the spiritual plane. This is a large and lovely room, filled with
works of art of all that has ever been held sacred on Earth. There is a beautiful brazier, containing the fire of purification and creativity. The roof opens, like the dome of an observatory, on clear starry nights. A spiral ladder climbs to the open sky so that you may without hindrance observe the stars, offer prayers, and receive the influx of divine inspiration. It is a generally quiet plane, except for those times when chants and music are heard. the work you do on the spiritual level affects all lower levels, and gives depth and permanence to your magical operations.

These four planes comprise the formal architecture of magic.

The cellar is a dark and labyrinthine place. It contains all your instincts and personal memories. It also contains those feelings, thoughts, and urges you choose to deny or ignore.
Your sanity and the quality and quantity of your energy depend on this, for what goes on in the cellar will eventually affect, for good or ill, the emotional plane. The cellar is otherwise known as your personal unconscious. if you wish to practice magic safely, you must have a deep knowledge of what is going on in your personal unconscious.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions / recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.


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