Monday Make A – Midsummer Crafts

June 8, 2009 at 11:06 am (Ancestors, Broom, Crafts, Decoration, Fun, Litha, Magic, Midsummer, Monday, pagan, Witch)

Summer Solstice Wheels of Fortune
from Moon Magick (link is to full book available on line) by D.J. Conway

In Sweden and Norway at the Summer Solstice, people made wheels of fortune. Some of the wheels were wrapped in straw, set on fire and rolled down the hill, not a safe or legal thing to do. Other wheels were decorated and kept. These were used in two ways: one, the wheel was rolled away from a person to take away misfortunes; two, it was rolled toward a person to bring all kinds of good fortune.

To make a good fortune wheel, use a piece of wire that has been fastened in a circle (or grapevine, embroidery hoop, anything such as that to make a circle/wreath). Wrap yarn or ribbon around the hoop until it is completely covered. To this wheel, tie dried or artificial flowers, good luck tokens and streaming ribbons. These wheels can be hung as wall decorations or twirled so they spin toward you during spellwork.

Solar Wheels
from Ancient Ways by Pauline Campanelli

The Solar Wheel is best made from grapevine or other pliable wood, such as willow. Of course you can go to the craft store and see what they have there that will do…Once you have the circle, you need two other pieces of vine (or ribbon…) to make the solar cross in the middle of the circle. You can then decorate the wheel with streamers of ribbon in sun colors and other

symbols of the four elements. You can then hang your wheel in a tree near your outside altar preferably… in your garden… or as an offering in your local park…you’ll know where to put it. You can burn it in next Midsummer’s fire (you can make a new one every year).

Litha Door Ornament
by Sister BlackRaven (link goes to search page, sorry)

Items You Will Need

  • Small broom, about 1′ by 8"
  • Plastic seasonal flowers like Roses, Wildflowers
  • 3 different colors of ribbon, about 12"-16" long
  • Some thin wire (strip garbage bag twist-ties of their paper coats)
  • Ornament oriented to the Sabbat
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors

Using the wire cutters, cut down the flower stems to a workable height. Using the wire, begin tying in the seasonal flowers and berries at the base of the broom where the bristles begin. Manipulate the leaves of the flowers to lie flat against the bristles. This will give a good background for the color of the flowers to show. Lay your berries and or fruits in between the flowers and tie off with wire. Once you have all the foliage in, wire in the Sabbat ornament of your choice. To hide the wire tie the ribbon in a bow or whatever knot you prefer and let some of the excess drape around and under the piece.

To Hang: String a bit of wire through the top of the handle and hang on a nail in the door. If you prefer to hang your broom bristles up, then weave the wire through some of the bristles and really twist for strength. If you are hanging this on the front door, it’s going to get a lot of traffic by it, so make sure it is secured well.

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