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June 18, 2009 at 10:16 am (Associations, Flowers, Garden, Healing, Herbs, Litha, Lore, Magic, Midsummer, pagan, Plants, Spells, Tuesday, Witch)

A Witch’s Garden Grimoire
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Midsummer and Gardening go so well together that doing herbal spells is a natural for this Sabbat. This Grimoire contains many herbal charms and spells for many different uses.

Wishing Spells and Charms

  • Calendula: Sprinkle dried bits of this flower under the bed. Makes all dreams come true and protects the sleeper from evil.
  • Dandelion: Sew tightly in a red flannel bag and wear around the neck to make wishes come true.
  • Huckleberry Leaves: Burn in the bedroom before going to sleep to make all dreams come true within seven days.
  • Job’s Tears: As you count out seven seeds, concentrate on a wish you have in mind. Carry these seven seeds with you at all times for seven days and your wish should have come true before the week is gone
  • Lavender: Place some Lavender under your pillow just before retiring and think about your wish. If you dream about anything at all connected with the wish this means that it will come true.
  • Lotus Root: Mark one side of the root Yes and the other side No and then make your wish as you toss the root into the air. You will then know if your wish was meant to be.
  • Spearmint: Write your wish on a piece of paper and wrap in a few Spearmint leaves. Place these in a red cloth and sew it up with red thread. Keep it in a safe and secret place. By the time the scent is gone your wish should have come true. If not, this means that it probably won’t for a long time to come.

Love Spells and Charms

  • Caraway: Protection, Passion. Add to love sachets and charms to attract a lover (physical sense) Carry the seeds to strengthen memory. Especially powerful to Gemini’s.
  • Corn Flowers: Sprinkle in the area where you and your mate argue the most. It is purported that it will help to alleviate discord and strife.
  • Damiana: Let some soak in a glass of wine for three hours. Thereafter sprinkle a small bit outside your front and back doors. Do this faithfully each day for 21 days, and it is said that before long your wandering lover will return to you.
  • Dill Seed: Add a few grains to bath water before going out to meet a person of the opposite sex. Said to make one irresistible.
  • Laurel: Worn by brides to guarantee a long and happy union.
  • Marjoram: To attract a husband, put a little in the corners of each room in your house. Remove and renew about once a month.
  • Orris Root: A love root, carried to attract the opposite sex and to make them love you dearly.
  • Rosemary: Give a special friend a sachet filled with Rosemary. This is supposed to induce warm feelings in another.
  • Skullcap: Supposedly if you place a wee bit in your lover’s shoes it will make that person unaffected by the charms of others.
  • Spikenard: Brew into a tea and wet the picture of a loved one with the water so they will never leave you.
  • Sweet Bugle: Crush a handful and place under your mattress to attract new lovers and possibly marriage prospects.

Protection Spells and Charms

  • Angelica: (root) Protection, Exorcism. Grow in gardens as a protection, Carry the root with you as an amulet. Burn the dried leaves in exorcism rituals.
  • Anise: Protection, Purification. A good, general cleansing bath is made with a handful of Anise seeds and a few Bay leaves. A pillow of Anise keeps away nightmares.
  • Ague Weed: This can be mixed with any incense and burned to break the power of a hex that has been placed on you.
  • Basil: Purification, Protection, Love, Money. Add to money incense, put a pinch of Basil in four corners of you home at the start of each season to bring prosperity your way. It is said that if you grow Basil in your garden, yell and scream at it, to make a strong plant.
  • Bay Leaves: One in the corner of each room of a house is believed to protect all who dwell there, as well as the house itself. If you carry it on your person it is reputed to protect against witchcraft.
  • Bladderwrack: To be carried by the traveler as a protection, especially when traveling by water.
  • Blood Root: Place on windows and doorways to protect against curses and evil spirits from entering.
  • Cinquefoil: Take an egg and cut a small hole in one end. Drain the contents and let the shell dry. Then stuff the shell with Cinquefoil and reseal the hole with tape. As long as this egg is kept in the home it will be protected from evil forces.
  • Clover: Soak one tablespoonful in one cup of vinegar for three days. Then strain and sprinkle the vinegar in each corner of every room. All alien spirits will leave the premises.
  • Elm Bark: To eliminate slander against you bury some in a box along with a piece of paper that contains the name of the individual who is speaking adversely about you.
  • Pearl Moss: Sprinkle this across the front doorway of the home to only allow good spirits to enter (this actually works well in conjunction with the below Sulphur one).
  • Sulphur: Burn at midnight near your back door to ward off evil.

Good luck, Prosperity and Employment Spells and Charms

  • Alfalfa: Kept in the home to protect the owner against poverty.
  • Basil: Soak a heaping teaspoonful in a pint of water. This water is then sprinkled in a place of business to attract money and success. If you have a job interview coming up, you can sprinkle this outside of the building where you hope to be employed (careful though – if someone sees you it won’t help your job prospects very much!).
  • Cascara Sagrada: Used to help win court cases when brewed into a strong tea and sprinkled around the bed the night before a court appearance.
  • Chamomile: Brew and use as a hand wash before playing card games or gambling.
  • Dragon’s Blood Reed: Carry in your purse or pocket for good luck. Here’s a new one on me – supposedly if you place it under your mattress it aids in curing impotency.
  • Galangal Root: One of these carried to court is said to make the judge/jury feel favorably inclined toward you.
  • Irish Moss: Ah, me friends, ’tis said that if one places this under the carpets in their home that it will bring vast fortune.
  • John The Conqueror Root: Just before going out to play a game of chance, wash your hands in water in which it has been boiled.
  • Little John: Place one in Holy water to bring good luck to everything you attempt.
  • Low John Root: It is said that if one wraps money around this root the money will multiply threefold.
  • Silver Leaf: A potent good luck charm when kept in the home.
  • Tonka Beans: Carry with you in a red flannel bag to attract good fortune and financial success. Particularly helpful before a business negotiation or job interview.
  • Violets: Sprinkle some petals in the corners of your home. It is said to invite positive entities that can assist with healing and bringing money and luck unto you.

Health Spells and Charms NOTE: Illness should be treated by a medical professional! None of these are meant to replace the advice, treatment or medication prescribed by a qualified physician. However, it can’t hurt to use them with the proper medical treatment.

  • African Ginger: Place under the pillow to cure a sore throat.
  • Ash Tree Leaves: Place one tablespoonful of leaves in a bowl of water and leave it in the bedroom overnight while sleeping. In the morning it should be tossed out and then redone each night. Allegedly this will help to prevent illness.
  • Betony: Strengthens the body when worn as an amulet.
  • Caraway Seed: Place some in a small, white bag and sew with white thread. Hide in the crib or bed of a child (this means tape it under the bed so there is no possible way a youngster has access to it!) to keep the child free from illness.
  • Coriander: Carry the seeds in a small bag to ward off disease and migraines.
  • Dill Seed: Tie some in a cloth and smell to help cure hiccups
  • Dog Grass: Sprinkle around the house to overcome depression. Do this for seven days and hopefully you will no longer despair.
  • Eucalyptus: Said to protect against colds if stuffed into the pillow one sleeps on.
  • Holy Herb: Use in bath water if you feel your sickness has been caused by a hex.
  • Masterwort: When sprinkled in shoes it is supposed to prevent tiredness and weakness. Mixed with oil and rubbed on the neck should help alleviate neck pain.
  • Mustard Seed: Carry with you at all times a few grains in a small bag, wallet or purse to guard against injury.
  • Quince Seed: When a few are carried in a red, flannel bag it will protect the wearer from physical attacks and harm.
  • Rose Buds: Place around sprains and bad bruises to help them heal quicker.
  • Rue: To relieve a headache lay down with some placed on the forehead. Wear at night next to the heart to regain health from minor illnesses.
  • Rosemary: Holding some while reading or completing tasks is said to improve memory.
  • Thyme: Burn in the home to attract good health to all occupants.
  • Valerian: This sewn into the pillow is supposed to calm nerves and bring about peaceful sleep.
  • Vervain: Worn as an amulet, Vervain is noted for its healing powers in curing fevers and poisoning.

Misc. Spells and Charms

  • Bay Leaves: Protection, clairvoyance, purification, healing. Burn the leaves to induce visions. Wear as an amulet to ward off negativity. Burn and scatter on the floor to purify area. Make a dream pillow of Bay, and put under your bed pillow to induce inspiration and prophetic dreams. For the best power do this with the full moon in Scorpio.
  • Catnip: Chewed by warriors for fierceness in battle. Large dried leaves are powerful markers in magical books. Give to your familiar (cat) to create a psychic bond with the animal.
  • Chamomile: Meditation, relaxation Prosperity. Use in prosperity charms to draw money. Burn as a relaxation incense for meditation. Make a tea with one tablespoon of Chamomile to 8 oz of water, and drink to relax or induce sleep
  • Cinnamon: Prosperity, Passion, Healing. Use in spells for prosperity. Will stimulate and excite the passions of the male. Mix with Myrrh for a good general propose incense. Tie 3 Cinnamon sticks together with a green ribbon and hang on front door of business to bring customers. Lowers blood sugar.
  • Dragons Blood: Energy, Protection, purification. You will know if you have the real thing, if it burns pinkish/red smoke. Put a pinch in with your magical tools, to keep unwanted eyes away
  • Elder Flowers: Sacred to the White Lady and midsummer solstice. The Druids used it to both bless and curse. Burn at Beltane to comfort the Fairies.
  • Frankincense (tears): Burn to raise vibrations, to purify your Magical working area. Burn during sunrise rituals of all kinds. Mix with Cumin for a powerful protective incense useful for all general workings. There is nothing that smells like it, soapy, sensual and the smoke is thick and white.
  • Hops: Wonderful in healing sachets and incenses. A pillow of the dried fruit like buds, helps bring on sleep. String a bunch of the fresh buds and hang in bedroom of sick person, for improvement in health
  • Juniper Berries: Used with Thyme in Druid incense for visions. Juniper berries strewn at the door discourages thieves. The mature berries can be strung and hung in the house to attract love. Crush berries in a mortar to release their pine filled aroma.
  • Lavender Flowers: Love, purification. Used in love sachets and incense. Put 2 handfuls of  Lavender Flowers into a square of cheese cloth and tie with a purple ribbon. Use this aromatic washcloth in place of your usual one. Lavender was thrown into Midsummer fires by witches as a sacrifice to the ancient Gods. Also used as an insect repellent.
  • Life Everlasting Flowers: Purify, protection. Use in charm bags to keep young. Burn at Midsummer to honor the maiden. Bundle flowers with white ribbons and put under pillow to give sweet dreams.
  • Mandrake (Mayapple): Place in the home for a powerful protective charm.The roots are used in image magic, as the American version (Mayapple) and the European version, resemble the limbs of humans.
  • Marigold: Magical attributes include prophesy, legal matters, the psychic, seeing magical creatures, love, clairvoyance, dreams, business or legal affairs and renewing personal energy. Be sure to gather your Marigolds for magical workings at noon. A fresh Marigold flower can be worn to court for a favorable outcome of a trial. If you place Marigold in your mattress, you will have prophetic dreams… and if you place it under your mattress it will make whatever you dream come true. Since the Marigold embodies the sun, it can make a person more attractive and confident. Add Marigold to your bath water to make this happen. A vase of fresh and bright Marigolds in a room brings a renewed surge of life to those in the room. The leaves can be eaten as a salad and a yellow dye has also been extracted from the flower, by boiling.
  • Mistletoe: Protection, love. Wear as a protective amulet. A good anti-lightning charm.Extinguishes fires. Hang Mistletoe and kiss the one you want, hence Kissing under the Mistletoe.
  • Mugwort: Clairvoyance, Scrying, Protection. Rub this herb on Magic Mirrors and Crystal Balls to strengthen their powers. Add to scrying, lairvoyance and divination incenses. Use 3 tablespoons to 1\2 gallon spring (or rain) water to cleanse your Magical Mirrors, crystals and stones. It is used in magic as a love divining herb. To experience interesting dreams that are said to reveal one’s future, stuff a pillow with about a pound of this herb and sleep on it. The Indians used a decoction of the leaves for colds, bronchitis, rheumatism, and fever, and a poultice for wounds. The fresh juice is used to ease the itch of poison oak. To cure a headache, stick a leaf up your nose.
  • Myrrh: Myrrh is used in magic for protection, peace, exorcism, healing, consecration, blessing, meditation and heightening spirituality. As an incense Myrrh can be used to help deepen mediation and to aid contemplation. Myrrh can be used in any ritual to the Goddess Isis, since Myrrh is a Goddess plant of the moon’s sphere and is sacred to Isis. Myrrh can also be burned so that its smoke can purify and protect an area, and the smoke can also be used to consecrate and bless objects like rings, amulets, and ritual tools.
  • Passionflower: Passionflower has uses in protection and love magic. When Passionflower is used, it calms and brings peace to the home. You can sprinkle dried or fresh Passionflower over the doorsteps of your house or apartment to keep harm away. If you carry some of the herb in an amulet bag, you will make friends easier since it will work to increase your personal charisma making you more attractive and more likable. Place Passionflower in a dream pillow and it will help you get a good nights sleep. Place it in power bundles and use in love spells to attract love. You can also burn it as an incense to promote understanding.
  • Pennyroyal: Put in the shoes to prevent weariness. Add to summer incenses and to prevent getting lost in the woods. Tie it to your bedpost to keep mosquitoes away. It is said to make one more aware and alert, and increase brain power. Brings peace between husband and wife when kept in a small bowl on a table or a dresser in the home. Carry Pennyroyal when traveling by water and never know the pangs of seasickness.
  • Rose: Rose is known as the herb of love. Add Rose bud petals to bath water to conjure up a lover. Put red Rose petals in a red velvet bag and pin this under your clothes to attract love – or you can wear Rosehips as beads to bring love to you. Rose oil and Rose incense are both used in love spells. If you wash your hands with Rose water before mixing love potions, the potions will be stronger. Different color Roses have different meanings so you can use Roses to give someone a message magically. These are what the different Rose colors mean:
    • Red: love you
    • White: I love you not
    • Yellow: I love another
    • Moss: I admire you from afar
    • Pink: My love for you is innocent
    • Orange: I love you vigorously
    • Amethyst: I will love you forever
    • Wild: I love you because you are fair and innocent
  • Rosemary: Wear a chaplet of Rosemary to aid in the memory. A good protective sachet for boat and ship passengers. Make a fresh wreath of rosemary for protection, hang in the home. Burn Rosemary and Juniper for a recuperation incense. Use for remembrance in Samhain rituals.
  • Sage: Burn to purify a ritual area or magical tools. Used as a main ingredient in smudge sticks and herb bundles. Put in with Tarot cards or Runes to protect and keep clean. Sage is used for fertility, longevity, wishes, wisdom, protection, money attraction, purification, healing, and health magic. Sage that is being gathered for magical use should not be cut with a metal knife or athame. It is said that if you eat Sage you will become more wise and also immortal. Sage is often an herb used at handfastings since it will help bring about a long life and domestic virtue for the happy couple. Sage can be added to almost any healing spell. A good healing amulet may be made by putting a clove of Garlic, a bit of Eucalyptus and Cinnamon, two pinches of Sage and one pinch of Saffron into a small blue bag. This bag can then be worn or carried to promote healing.
  • St. Johns Wort: Noted for its calming effect, valuable for nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and bedwetting. The oil has remarkable soothing and healing action when rubbed into painful joints and strained muscles. Celtic tradition held that the druids wore it in battle for invincibility. Burn to exorcise negative spirits. Make a tea with 1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water, for a strong antidote for depression.
  • Thistle (Blessed): Thistle has great value in protection spells and also is used to bring spiritual and financial blessings. If Thistle is thrown into a fire, it will protect the thrower from being struck by lightning during summer storms. Thistle can be carried in an amulet bag for joy, energy, vitality, and protection – in fact men who carry Thistle become better lovers! Thistle can be burned as an incense for protection and also to counteract hexing. Thistle powder can also be added to ritual baths to give added protection. Thistle can be grown in the garden to ward of those dreaded vegetable thieves, and a bowl of fresh Thistle will give off such good strengthening energies that it is the perfect thing to have in a sickroom. Thistle is a wonderful material to use to make magic wands for spirit conjuring and magical walking sticks. In England, the wizards of old were said to select the tallest thistle and use it as a wand or walking stick.
  • Valerian: Love, Harmony. Use in love spells and to keep fighting couples together. Use in a bath sachet for a calming effect. Valerian has been used to treat nervous tension and panic attacks. Use 1 tablespoon to 8 oz water for a calming tea.
  • Wormwood: Throw onto fires on Samhain to gain protection from the spirits roaming the night. One of the major ingredients in Absinthe. Burn in incense to raise spirits.
  • Yarrow: Love, Clairvoyance. Used in love sachets and marriage charms, as it has the power to keep a couple together happily for seven years. Worn as an amulet it wards of negativity. A tea made of 1 tablespoon to 8 oz of water will enhance one’s powers of perception. Held in the hand it stops all fear. The beautiful flowers are a welcome addition to any magical altar. Yarrow has been nicknamed A Witch’s Best Friend.

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