Friday Form A Circle – Lammas Ritual

July 17, 2009 at 11:00 pm (Circle, Friday, Lammas, Lughnasadh, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

Lammas Ritual
From the
Weaver’s Grove Webpage

Being a solitary Druid with just a few friends of various traditions to celebrate with, I have designed my rituals on a informal basis. You will need your usual altar setup, A red/orange/gold candle if indoors or a small fire if outdoors, candle holder or a small assortment of wood and sticks for the fire and a small loaf of new made bread – a whole grain roll will do if it has been fresh baked, try you local store bakery. The "wine" should be red or a golden color. Keep a few bite of bread and sips of wine for the end of the ritual. This is a solar/day ritual – Try for noon if you can, otherwise try to do it before the sun sets.

Cast your circle in the usual manner. As you light your candle say:

"Glory of the Sun – Father, Husband,
Brother Guide me through the coming twilight
Show me understanding and compassion bright
That I may shine my own great light
Light my way, revel the shadows
that I may know and show others.
May your light remain forever within
in thought and word, deed and being
Remove the blocks and heal the soul
that I may reflect, truly, your love of all."

Take the bread and raise it blessing, Say:

"Mother of all, Lady of Light,
Daughter of Earth
bless this bread with Knowledge, wisdom and love
As this bread strengthens my body,
may you strengthen my mind
As your strength fills my body,
may your wisdom expand my soul
As your wisdom expands my soul,
may I find your love of all."

Now take your wine glass gazing deeply into it, say:

"The sower and sown, the grape and the wine,
First fruits of the land, The reaping has started,
the battle is joined, May I follow in honor,
The blood of the land, in this seeker’s cup
May it change the dross into gold of your Fire.
May I walk your path with honor and wisdom
The flame of your love, burning bright in my heart
Lighting my way through the dark night of the soul."

Now slowly eat the bread and drink the wine – saving some for an offering. Allow the Guides and God to show you your harvest and yourself. If there are things you don’t like, consign them to the water for cleaning and the fire for purifying and make the changes needed for your harvest at Samhain to be bountiful, loving and honorable. After you have finished you meditation, take your offering (or close your circle if indoors) and give to the land and the Lord and Lady. Say as you pour it forth upon the land:

"From the land I have taken
To land I give back
May it nourish us all
in the times ahead
Praise be the Lord and to his lady, the Goddess
(insert your God and Goddess name here if you wish)"

(The author is an initiate of The Divine Circle of the Sacred Grove and can be reached at – I think, this was included in the info I have…)

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