Thursday This Is Your Spell – A Spell for Prosperity

July 23, 2009 at 10:21 am (Associations, Lammas, Lughnasadh, Magic, Money, pagan, prosperity, Spell, Thursday, Witch)

Lammas, or Lughnassad, occurs in late July and early August. It is marks the middle of Summer and the beginning of the harvest. It is the first of three harvest festivals and is usually associated with ripening grain. It heralds the coming of Autumn. The Goddess manifests as Demeter, Ceres, Corn Mother, and other agricultural Goddesses. The God manifests as Lugh, John Barleycorn, and vegetation Gods. It is a festival of plenty and prosperity.

A Spell for Prosperity
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Ruling element: Earth.

Defined goal: "I want to bring prosperity into my life now in the form of a cash flow large enough to meet all my current needs so that I don’t have to worry every week about paying my bills and so I have a little left over for security."

Best time: Sunday, new moon, moon in Leo


  • a bowl of earth or clay
  • seven coins
  • a handkerchief or small piece of cloth in gold or green

Take seven coins, which you should have been charging as you prepared this spell, and give them another boost of your energy. See them as talismans of your new wealth. One by one, press the coins deep into the bowl of soil with words such as:

Coins of silver (or gold) shining bright,
Needed by me so much this night.

Spend some time visualizing the goal once again, then place the bowl in your bedroom. Each morning for a week, dig through the soil and pull out one coin. Place this in the gold or green cloth and carry it in your pocket or purse. Seven coins will be in your pocket at the end. The imagery here gives you the feeling of being able to get money when needed by pulling it out of the earth where you planted it. This is a situation where a force or item is expected to attract a life force or item.

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