Thursday This Is Your Spell – Cornucopia Spell for Abundance

August 13, 2009 at 9:46 am (Autum Equinox, Blessing, Cornucopia, Mabon, Magic, pagan, Spell, Thursday, Witch)

Cornucopia Spell for Abundance
To ensure a time of plenty during winter .


  • a cornucopia, made or bought
  • tea light and holder
  • essential oil of own choice
  • jar of salt
  • dried foods such as nuts and seeds that will keep

Place the cornucopia on the altar and anoint with the oil. Holding it visualize you and your family surrounded with all you need – the Yule table laden with food, meat roasting, wine etc. Well stocked cupboards and freezer. Visualize too, heat and lighting and fuel, the car running perfectly through bad weather, and enough means to pay the bills. When finished visualizing, take it to the kitchen and place on a window sill and fill with the seeds and nuts. Place the tea light on one side and the salt (this represents money and finances) the other. Light the candle and say:

As the world is full of abundance I accept abundance into my life. I accept good food and drink, warmth and light, a good income. Come, fill my home with happiness, health and abundance! So mote it be.

Allow the tea light to burn out and light a candle each day as you cook the evening meal. Keep till spring or renew each autumn….

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