Friday Form A Circle – Brightmoon’s Autumn Equinox Rite

August 14, 2009 at 10:18 am (Autum Equinox, Circle, Friday, Mabon, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Winter)

Brightmoon’s Autumn Equinox Rite
By Brightmoon (link is defunct smile_sad)

Needed Tools:

  • Salt
  • Something to represent the Quarters:
    • Air – Incense
    • Fire – Candle
    • Water – Water
    • Earth – Earth or Salt
  • Incense (red)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Broom or Athame
  • Something to represent the God and Goddess
  • Dried fruit, corn or cakes
  • Juice, water or tea

Before you start, Take a bath or shower. Purify and meditate on the upcoming
ritual. Mark out your circle. Put all you need inside. With your broom or athame
sweep the circle, clockwise around 3 times. Standing outside of your circle

”I call to my brothers and sisters to join me in this circle.
We enter in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Enter the circle.”

Consecrating the circle. Bless the salt, holding it up, say:

”Oh creature of Earth, in this scared space. I bless you
n the name of the Lord and Lady.” (use your names for them
here if you like)

Bless the water, holding it up, say:

”Oh creature of the Sea, in this scared space, I bless you
In the name of the Lord and Lady” (again use whatever name you choose.)

Add the salt to the water.
Light the incense. holding it up, say:

”Oh creatures of Air and Fire, in this scared space, I bless you
n the name of the Lord and Lady.” (use names here)

Take up the salted water. Walk around your circle sprinkling as you go. Circle 3
times around clockwise. saying:

”With Earth and Water, I cast this circle,
With Purity and Protection”.

Take up the incense clockwise 3 times around. saying

”With Air and Fire, I cast this circle,
With Purity and Protection.”

Set it down. With palms upraised say:

”With Purity and Protection the circle is cast. Where no ill or Evil may come to pass.
Where Light and Love is, For all to see.
By our will So Mote it Be.”

Calling the Quarters – use what you have chosen.
North – Earth***

”Hooved One, Spirit of Earth,
you who are the mountains might.
Hooved One, Spirit of Earth,
keep us strong through our Rite.”

East – Air***

”Winged One, Spirit of Air,
you who are the glory of flight.
Winged One, Spirit of Air,
keep us wise through our Rite.”

South – Fire

”Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
you who are the bonfire so bright.
Fierce One, Spirit of Fire,
keep us brave though our Rite.”

West – Water

”Swift One, Spirit of Water,
you who are life’s delight.
Swift One, Spirit of Water,
keep us sure through our Rite.”

Again palms up. say:

”Ancient Ones, Attend us this night.
Keep us pure through our Rite.”

Invocation the Lord and Lady:

”Lady, Mother of All, Goddess of light.
I call you Lady to join us in this Rite.
Lord, Father of All, God of night.
I call you Lord to join us in this Rite.”

Dedication – Intone:

”As above, so below.
As the universe, so the soul.
As within, so without.
Let there be no doubt.
We dedicate our minds, bodies and spirits to your service.
As to the Light, so into the Night.”

Meditation: On what you have accomplished, what you will accomplish. On the
turning of the Wheel. Of all that is to come. Winter into Spring,, Summer
into Fall and so on.
Take up the cup and the cake, saying:

”We bless these gifts and give unto you a measure of your own.”

Pour some of the liquid and some of the cake onto the ground. Giving thanks
to the Lord and Lady and to the Four Spirits. (name them Air, Earth,
Fire and Water.) Eat and drink of these gifts. Meditate awhile longer if you
Closing the circle: Walk counter-clockwise, saying:

”To the Lord and Lady,
To the Spirits of the Ancient Ones.
We thank you for your presence this night.
Stay if you will, go if you must.
May this circle be opened, but not broken.
May the Strength and Peace of our Lord and Lady be in our hearts.
Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet again. Blessed Be to All.”

The Rite is ended, eat and drink.

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