Monday Make A – Fun Apple Activity Ideas

August 17, 2009 at 9:36 am (Apple, Autum Equinox, Crafts, Decoration, Fun, Kids, Mabon, Magic, Monday, pagan, Witch, Witchlets)

Fun Apple Activity Ideas

Fall is apple harvest time, so enjoy these activities!

The Apple Star

Can you find the magical star in the apple? Take a knife and carefully cut the apple in half (top and bottom through the core, rather than from one side to the other). Open the halves and see the star that is visible in the core. Eat the pieces by themselves, or dipped in caramel or peanut butter for a snack. Or…

Put some red or green tempera paint in a shallow container, (a pie tin works well) and show your child how to dip the apple in the paint and press onto a piece of paper creating an apple print.

From ACORNS, A Newsletter for Pagan Homeschoolers;
Volume 3, Issue 3 Mabon, 1999 
Apparently this is no longer available 😦
I have tried to find it several times, to link to it,
with no luck….

Clay Pot Apple

  • 3 inch Terra Cotta Clay Pot
  • 3 inch Terra Cotta Clay Saucer
  • Small Wooden Spool
  • Fun Foam
  • Paint
  • Clear Acrylic Sealer Spray
  • Glue (hot glue gun preferred)

Wipe down your terra cotta pot and saucer with a damp cloth and let dry completely. Paint the clay pot and saucer red – let dry. Paint a face on pot. Paint the wooden spool green. Once all your paint is dry, spray it with the clear acrylic sealer. Flip the saucer upside down and place it as a lid on top of the clay pot. Glue the wooden spool on to the bottom of the saucer. Cut a small leaf shape out of fun foam and glue it to the wooden spool. Your apple is now done! A great place to keep treasures, candy, or other small items.

Apple Doll


  • apple
  • lemon juice
  • a pencil
  • a jar or heavy paper cup
  • cloves
  • a knife

Peel your apple and remove a bit of the core from the bottom of the apple. Cut holes in the apple for eyes, cut triangular flaps for ears, and deep Xs for a nose and mouth. Next soak your apple head in lemon juice to prevent it from browning and looking gross. Dry it off with a paper towel. Insert cloves in the eyes and stick a pencil into the bottom of the apple. Now place your apple, balanced on the pencil, in a jar (or take a paper cup, flip it upside down, poke a hole in the bottom center, and place the apple on the pencil upright through the hole) and let it dry. Make sure it doesn’t touch anything or it could spoil. It will take a couple of weeks to dry out but after a few days you can begin to shape the face and ears. When your apple head is dried out, create a puppet body for it by poking a hole through and old glove or sock and inserting the pencil end. Decorate the glove or sock to create a great costume for your apple.


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