Friday Form A Circle – Fallin’ Waters’ Fall Equinox Ritual/Meditation

August 28, 2009 at 10:42 am (Autum Equinox, Circle, Elements, Friday, Meditation, Mysteries, pagan, Ritual, Winter)

Fallin’ Waters’ Fall Equinox Ritual/Meditation
Written by Fallin’ Waters

From the East, direction of the day’s first breath, comes the power of thought, of ideas, of intuitive work. In the East we find our Mental Being. We call our mental realms to activity tonight so that our thoughts may be uncluttered, unblurred, and unlimited. Let our minds be open as we search for meaning. Close your eyes and seek the East – inhale mental clarity, windswept hills, abstraction, windy beaches and knowledge. Blessed Be!

From the South, the direction of the day’s strongest light, comes the power of action, of passion, of heat. In the South we find our Spiritual Being. We call our spiritual realms to activity tonight so that our energies may be unquenched, unencumbered, and unleashed. Let our hearth fires be rekindled as we search for direction. Close your eyes and seek the South – envision action, eruptions, rising sap, intensity and fire. Blessed Be!

From the West, the direction of the day’s atmosphere, comes the power of feeling, of immersion, of giving birth to that which begins inside of us. In the West we find our Emotional Being. We call our emotional realm to activity tonight so that our inner tides may be undammed, unchanneled, and unfiltered. Let our springs flow as we search for understanding. Close your eyes, seek the West, and drink courage, sorrow, tides, joy & love. Blessed Be!

From the North, direction of the day’s shadow makers, comes the power of the body, of mountains, of sustenance. In the North we find our Physical Being. We call our physical realms to activity tonight so that our selves may be unfettered, unstifled, and unashamed. Let our darknesses be birth canals as we search for the light within. Close your eyes and seek the North – touch Mother Earth, inner wisdom, birth, death, & silence. Blessed Be!

From the Center, where the directions meet, comes the power of The Void, of
change, of The Source. In the Center we find our transformative states. We call our transformative realms into Being tonight so that our timing may be unhurried, unencumbered and unafraid. Let our wheels turn as we search for our pathways. Close your eyes, look to the Center and hear everywhere and
nowhere, within and without, and transcendence. Blessed Be!
Written 1992

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