Thursday This Is Your Spell – A Spell For Protection Against Any Evil

September 10, 2009 at 10:21 am (Autum Equinox, Banish, Mabon, Magic, pagan, Spell, Witch)

A Spell For Protection Against Any Evil, Or Those Who Wish To Do You Harm.

You Need:

  • Your Staff/wand
    Silver or blue shiny glitter
  • A quiet place- best outdoors.

You will need your staff (or wand) for this spell. It is best if the staff used is blue, white or silver- The easiest way to achieve this is to bind a ribbon, or ribbons, of the color around it for the spell. This means you can remove them afterwards. It is best to go outside for this spell, as the air movement will help disperse the glitter, and the magic. Cast a circle, or create a sacred space. Go to each quarter in turn (start with the West, then North, East and south), and pound or tap the ground with your staff/wand chanting:

“I call thee, you who guard the watchtowers of the
(direction) to guide me through the darkness, and ensure
my safety”. 

Do this for all 4 quarters. Stand in the center and say,

“In the shadows, evils hide,
Ready to draw me from love’s side,
But with your help I shall be strong
And banish all that do me wrong
Send them away, send them astray
Never again to pass my way,
So mote it be”

As you say the last 3 lines, scatter the glitter in a circle around you. Close the circle, and have something to eat to restore your energies!

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