Friday Form A Circle – Red Wolfe’s Fall Equinox Ritual

September 11, 2009 at 10:37 am (Autum Equinox, Friday, Mabon, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

Red Wolfe’s Fall Equinox Ritual
Written by Red Wolfe, 1990;

East says:

"Hail East.
Air that we breathe.
Air that lifts our spirits,
And refreshes our perspective.
Let the winds of change fill your sails
And take you on journeys yet unknown.
Let the winds of change guide us."

South says:

"Hail South.
Fire that consumes us.
The passion that can be part of our lives.
Fire that purifies, transforms, and warms us.
Be aware of fire. It will manifest itself in many ways.
But be assured, when fire appears, life will be HOT!"

West says:

"Hail West.
Water that flows through us and around us.
We are part of the flow of life.
As water ebbs and moves, so does the daily flow of our lives,
Weaving an intricate web of inter-weavings
between all that is.
We, like water, constantly change and shift.
If we choose to continue to be a part of that flow,
we will grow and flourish.
If we choose not to flow, we will stagnate."

North says:

"Hail North.
Earth that is our Mother, our home.
We honor your abundance of beauty
and will strive to protect you.
Continue to bless us with your many sources of energy."
Center says:
"Hail Center. From the caves deep inside the earth
come the wisdom of the ancients.
Listen to the call.
Follow your instinct that have long been numbed
from minimal daily contact with the early."

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