Monday Make A – New Year’s Broom at Samhain

October 5, 2009 at 10:24 am (Besom, Crafts, Decoration, Halloween, Magic, Magical Stones, Monday, pagan, Samhain, Tools, Witch)

Making a New Year’s Broom at Samhain
by Meredith


  • Plain old fashioned corn broom
  • Spray paint (only needed if you don’t like the color of the broom you buy)
  • black paint
  • thin paint brush
  • crystal points
  • jewelers wire (can be found at craft store)
  • feathers
  • other items you may want to use to decorate your new besom

It is almost time to start a new year and that means, for many of us, getting a new broom.. I have worked on mine today and thought I would pass this along as it is a simple project and makes for a really lovely and powerful broom for your home. Go out and buy a new corn broom (a plain old fashioned broom). I got one at Dollar General for $3. If you do not like the color of the handle…paint it the color of your choice. Mine is red. Luckily, it came that way! But had it not, a can of spray paint goes a long way. $3 a can. I have painted Witches’ Rune Symbols on my broom handle. I used black paint ($1.00) and a thin brush ($1.00). I am not the greatest artist in the world but it looks fine to me. At the base of the broom, .where the actual broom starts, I have attached 4 different crystal points with jeweler’s wire. I have a quartz crystal, an amethyst, an obsidian and a jade. I have attached feathers as well. Now I have a broom that is functional and powerful. It also looks very nice. I found the crystal points at Hobby Lobby for an excellent price $2.89 cents a crystal. I bought 4 of them. And they are real stones already wrapped. They sell them for people making jewelry and such. I got the wire there as well and paid $2 for a spool of silver and one of copper.

These brooms would also make excellent housewarming or handfasting gifts. Cost me about…OH… twenty two dollars in all. Then an hours time.

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