Friday Form A Circle – Circle of Ashtoreth Samhain Ritual

October 30, 2009 at 10:26 am (Circle, Friday, Halloween, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Samhain, Witch)

Circle of Ashtoreth Samhain Ritual


  • Jack O Lantern
  • 3 crowns Goddesses
  • 3 crowns Gods
  • Altar in North
  • altar decorated with Jack O Lantern

Symbolism: celebration of the end of summer and the veil of life and death. Ritual: After introduction of Watch-towers and spirit:

HPESS says:

"This is the time of beginnings and endings.
We ask the blessings of the Wise Ones
who guard the Portals of the World."

HPESS Strikes flame and lights white candles. HPESS says:

"White do we light for the Maiden,
thou divine and joyous child.
Fresh and new as the life that springs from earth
is the taper which is her symbol.
We give greetings to the Blessed One."

HP says:

"White do we light for the Willow King,
thou divine and blessed child.
White skies of wind and storm,
and the promise of heat from our revitalized sun
is the taper which is his symbol.
Greetings Blessed Consort."

HP Lights red candles. HPESS says:

"Red do we light for the Mother,
thou warm embracing Queen of Creation.
Scarlet as the beauty of ripening fields,
is the taper which is her symbol.
We give greetings to the Regal One."

HP says:

"Red do we light for the Corn King,
thou warm messenger of life.
Crimson Gold as the sun which warms the land
and brings us the bounty is the taper which is his symbol.
Greetings Regal Consort."

HP Lights black candles. HPESS says:

"Black do we light for the Crone,
thou keeper of the magical mysteries.
Ebon as the night is the taper which is her symbol.
We give greetings to the Wise One."

HP says:

"Black do we light for the Holly King,
thou consort of the dark.
Crystalline lakes frozen in glittering beauty,
is the taper which is his symbol.
Greetings Wise Consort."

Triple Goddesses form circle, right arms raised above their heads, touching the other’s hands to form a cone. They go around once chanting:

"Realms of snow and frozen earth,
not the time of life and birth.
We are the circle within a circle, never-ending.
Three in One and One in Three.
The oldest form of Trinity. Goddess Triformis;
the Mothers we. Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna."

MAIDEN says:

"Mine is the time that will be."

Puts arm down. MOTHER says:

"Mine is the time that is past."

Also puts arm down. When Crone starts her speech, the other two move beside her. CRONE says:

"Mine is the time that is.
We stand at the crack of time,
for this day belongs neither to the old year nor to the new.
And as there is no distinction between the years,
so there is no distinction between the worlds.
I am the Mistress of the Dark.
My dread hand withers the green leaf,
my searing stare sets the land ablaze and I revel in its ashes.
My kiss stills the human heart.
I am the Mother men curse.
Endings and darkness are my gifts,
yet without me,
there would be no life
for I complete the blessed circle
and through my deeds new life will emerge."

Maiden and Mother embrace Crone, Maiden goes to South. Mother goes to the East. Crone stands in the North West. Triple Gods form a circle, raising their wands above their heads, each King touches the other’s wand, to form a cone shape. GDS says:

"Skies of wind and storm blow cold and sharp over the sleeping land.
The wheel of life spins round and round.
Earth, water, fire and air. By this we are bound.
Spirit lives, dies and is reborn. Neptune, Osiris, Merlin, Helios,
Shiva – Cernunnos."

WILLOW says:

"Mine is the time that is past."

Puts arm down. HOLLY says:

"Mine is the time that will be."

Puts arm down, the Holly and Willow Kings raise their wands again, Holly to the left of Willow, Willow to the right of Corn, and touch their wands together to form a triumphal arch. Corn steps through and when he starts his speech, Willow goes to South, Holly to the West. CORN says:

"Mine is the time that passes!"

Crone steps up to the Corn King and takes him by the hand moving VERY SLOWLY deosil from North to West. CRONE says:

"The season of plenty shall return but now this land will slumber. My kisses are ice and all that lives shall wither."

The Crone and Corn King stop in front the West. She kisses him. CRONE says:

"So sleep Corn King, sleep."

Corn King falls to one knee, the Crone cover him with a black cloth. Crone
steps to the middle and says:

"The brave, the wise and the trusting know.
They revere me and my harsh ways.
They see life in death and death in life
and the spirit soars through and its lights glow forever."

Crone now moves slowly deosil to the West. CRONE says:

"All is a continuous turning.
A spiraling dance that goes and returns,
yet moves ever on.
In that turning Samhain is the sacred festival
marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter.
A time to celebrate the tunnel of darkness
that bears the light at its end."

Crone stops in the West. She beckons her Consort. The Corn King struggles to rise. The Holly King puts his hand on Corn King’s shoulder and forces him down. Holly King snatches the Wand of Power from Corn King and holds it triumphantly over his head. Crone smiles and saunters to the middle of the circle. Holly King stays in the West. CRONE says:

"With my kiss the Corn King withered and embraced the Great Mother. So it has been from year to year, since time began. The Corn King sleeps until the planting and I need a new consort."

Crone turns to face the West. CRONE says:

"A consort who is forever green
and shall reign with me through this cold season.
I need a Green Man

Crone extends her hand but does not look at the Holly King until after he has taken her hand in his. Holly King steps forward and kneels (on one knee), taking Crone’s hand and kissing it. Then Crone looks down at Holly King, smiles, and raises him up. HOLLY says:

"My Lady, my power rises.
Together we shall walk the shadowed paths of Summerland.
By our joining the circle of life near completion.
Now comes the last measure in the great spiral dance.
For mine is the time that is."

The Crone and Holly King remain in the center. HPESS says:

"The veil of life and death are thin at this time of All Hallows.
Let us now join together and remember the ones who have passed through the veil."

Cone of Power:

Blessing of cakes and wine.

Hpess and HP say the words as the Crone and Holly King enact the blessing. Pass out the cake and wine. HPESS says:

"The cycle of life and death has been completed once more.
Let us celebrate the darkness that bears the light at the end.
For as there is death, so too there is life."

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