Friday Form A Circle – Yule Log Ritual

November 13, 2009 at 11:59 am (Christmas, Circle, Friday, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Witch, Yule)

Yule Log Ritual
Posted by Gordon Ireland

The Yule ritual of course would involve a Yule log. Yule logs are best made of Pine, Fir or Evergreen. The custom of lighting a Yule log is the classic representation of the birth of a God from the fire of the Mother.


  • Boline
  • Chalk
  • Myrrh oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Wine
  • One candle – green
  • Wood matches

First, one needs to say a prayer of thanks to the spirit of the tree before cutting it down. It is always best if you can cut down your own tree if possible.) After you cut down the tree, cut approximately 1-2 feet for the log from the bottom, leave the rest intact to decorate. Depending upon which ritual tools you have, you can either take a piece of chalk, and draw the symbol of the sun on the log. Or take you Boline and carve a representation of the sun. Place the log in your fire place or burning pit. Open a circle around it, calling the four corners, starting with the South (air) rub the oil onto the carved sun figure, saying:

"The Wheel has turned, full circle,
We call you back to warm us."

West, (water) pour the wine on the log, saying:

"You, who have died, is now reborn."

North (earth) sprinkling salt over the log, saying:

"Since time began we celebrate the birth of God. The darkest of nights, gives birth to the new sun."

East (fire) Taking the wood match light the fire, saying:

"I light this fire in honor of all, Thank you God for the light you will bring us, thank you mother for the warmth of you son. Live within us. So mote it be!"

Close circle. This ceremony can be conducted using candles, either by themselves of by placing the candles on top of the Yule log. Though the latter can be a fire hazard and the usual precautions should be taken.

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