Friday Form A Circle-Yule Ritual for Children

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Yule Ritual for Children
by Michelle Balsley; November 17, 2000

Start this Seasonal Celebration early in the day, Make Sun symbol ornaments and White Stag Ornaments to hang on the Yule tree, You can always put some type of sealant on the ornaments and hang them outside on a special tree, if this is what you prefer.

Write your own songs to sing to the Lord on his day of rebirth. Decorate the house in Golds, Greens (Ivy, Pine), Whites, some Reds, cut out big Suns and Stars hang them around the house or make a mobile to hang from the ceiling.

Go walking through the woods, park and be on the look out for a Yule Log. And once you locate your Yule log, drill three holes in it, one for a White candle, Red candle, and a Black Candle (Maiden, Mother and Crone) place these in the holes that you drilled in the Yule Log and light the candles.

Decorate your Table/Altar in Golds and Whites.

Have the children and yourself, take a Ritual Bath, burn some Pine Incense or whatever appeals to your emotions and reminds you of Yule. Help each other get dressed for the Celebration of welcoming the rebirth of the Lord, and this is also the time to Thank the Lady. Everyone should have some part in helping to set up the Ritual Area, I use a Gold cord to mark the Circle, this helps the kids, as a Yule Ritual can be pretty long. (let the kids lay down in the Circle, the Lady understands-make special pillows, stuffed with Pine, Orange Peel, of course I wouldn’t suggest using Pine needles, nothing like having one stick you in the cheek, just use some Oil, these pillows are for the kids to put their heads on while they wait for the return of the Sun)

Once it gets closer to the Yule Ritual, have the Children welcome in the guests if any are coming.

The Ritual:

Lay the Gold cord on the floor
Cast your Circle
Call the Quarters
Welcome the Lady and the Lord


"Welcome to our Yule Ritual, this is the time we look forward to our Sun/Lord/God to return, We have missed him high in the sky, smiling upon us as we start another day, his hugs are the rays that shin upon us as we work or play outside, his kisses are a warm breeze that gently caresses our cheeks, he is the green of the woods, the bright gold of the sun, he is the White Stag in the Woods, Protector and Watcher".


"Father/God/Lord we await your return". (Say as much as you want to, this is also a good short, sweet chant to use to raise any energy you may want during the ritual)


"We light the Candles on the Yule log in honor the Goddess/Mother/Lady, White for the Maiden, Red for the Mother, and Black for the Crone". (Light the candles and let them burn, to almost the Yule log, don’t want the log to catch fire)


"We thank you Goddess/Lady for all that you have given us".(Once again another short and sweet chant to raise energy) At this time Share of some Cakes, Wine/Ale/Fruit Juice should be done. (One of our favorites is light and fluffy Divinity Candy, or baked sugar cookies that look like the Sun)

Share stories about Yule’s past and talk about what you would like to do next Yule Talk about what the Goddess and God mean to you and of course let the Children tell their Stories and feelings too! Exchange small Yule Gifts.


"We thank the Lady and Lord on this day for the gifts they have given us, and for each other. Bright Blessings upon us all".

At this point you can either stay in the Circle and keep on talking until the Sun comes up, or dissolve the Circle, of course always thanking the Quarters and the Lady for being there. Go for a walk outside and Welcome the New day as the Sun comes back.

I know that this Ritual is not as formal, as some would wish, but you have to remember you are involving young Children with short attention spans (some adults have those, too!) These types of Short, Sweet and to the Point Rituals prepare your children for the more Formal ones later in this Lifetime. Blessings for a Bright Yule! (Copyright Michelle Balsley About this author: Wiccan, Married, two children, work full time outside the home, I live in a small town, love to write, read, swim, and laugh. )

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