Thursday This Is Your Spell – Winter Solstice Spell for Healing

November 26, 2009 at 11:38 am (Apple, Christmas, Healing, Magic, pagan, Solstice, Spell, Thursday, Witch, Yule)

Winter Solstice Spell for Healing
From Wiccan Magick: A Seasonal Guide to Wiccan Religion and Ritual (link is dead Crying)


  • Mistletoe
  • Pine Branches
  • gold candle
  • Frankincense (or other appropriate incense)
  • Small cauldron (or similar container)
  • a ripe apple
  • three bay leaves
  • rock or sea salt
  • spring water
  • sprig of evergreen

Adorn the Altar with the Mistletoe and Pine Branches and place the candle in the center. Burn your incense choice. In cauldron, place apple, bay leaves and a pinch of the salt. Light the candle, visualizing the rebirth and return of the God banishing the cold of Winter. Recite this Solstice Chant:

"Geese and standing stones and mist,
Baying hounds and hooting owl,
Sparkling Stars, and snow is crisp,
Herne is here, bring forth the Bowl."

As this is said, sprinkle spring water into the cauldron using a sprig of evergreen, visualizing the strength and healing power of Herne’s rebirth. This power flows into the Apple, energizing it with all the power of the God. Lift the apple from the cauldron. If the spell of healing is for another, visualize this person receiving the healing power within the apple, picture them gaining strength, becoming well. Replace the Apple into the cauldron and finish with a chant of thanks:

"May the Goddess of Night,
Fair Lady of the Moon
And the God-
Great horned hunter of the sun,
May the power of the stones and the oceans,
he Winds and the Flame,
Bless me this night in my sacred work,
Which is right and just in your name.
Blessed Be."

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  1. trasemeattafe said,

    It looks like you are a true professional. Did you study about the topic? hrhr

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I study what I can find and keep what makes sense…this was found on the site linked in the title. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared somewhere down the line 😦
    Please come back anytime! I try to keep the info varied to avoid repetition, so (hopefully) it’s always changing around here LOL

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