Friday Form A Circle – Stay Up All-Night Yule Ritual

November 27, 2009 at 11:06 am (Christmas, Circle, Crone, Friday, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Solitary, Solstice, Winter, Witch, Yule)

Stay Up All-Night Yule Ritual
by Zyalia, the crone, found on The Dance

At the moment of Solstice light a large (either pillar or tall floor) candle. I use red as it is the Holly King’s time. This should burn itself out towards dawn (hopefully).

"As the long shadows fall
In the dark of Winter’s thrall
Let flame to wick alight
And illume the longest night."

At dusk – light the three candles of the Yule Log. Different Trads use different colored candles. Some use Black, Red and White. I Use Red for the Holly King, White for the Goddess, and Green for the Oak King. From now until dawn, the candles must be kept burning, light each replacement from its predecessor – don’t fall asleep – have company in to keep you awake. Have a party – that’s what I do. Sing, eat, tell stories… be creative…

"Watch we all ’til morn
When the Light shall be reborn
And in creeping measure, day
Replaces night’s cold sway."

At dawn, you may extinguish the Yule Log candles. Greet the fledging Sun … outdoors if possible, as He rises on the first Winter morning.

"As God is of the Goddess born
Upon this first of Winter’s morns
Let Time’s great Wheel turn
And the candle bright flame burn
With the first Great Light ascending
Let the long, dark night be ending."


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