Friday (yes, I know it’s Thursday…) Form A Circle – New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Ritual

December 31, 2009 at 11:38 am (Banish, Blue Moon, Chicken, Cleansing, Elements, Friday, Life, Magic, Meditation, Moon, pagan, Path, Ritual, Witch)

Blue Moon
A Blue Moon is that wonderful occurrence when the Full Moon shows us her face twice in one month. Also known as a Goal Moon, it’s an excellent time to set new goals for yourself. This year we have a blue moon on New Year’s Eve. Because it is falling on Thursday, I am going to go ahead and post Friday’s Form A Circle a day early – so all three of my regular visitors have the option to make use of it…


Adapted from "Full Blue Moon Ritual"
March 27, 1999
Morgaine Windrider

We are here to celebrate the Full Blue Moon. I conjure this circle of power to be a world apart. I encircle this sacred space and all within. Let nothing enter unwelcome.
Welcome to Elements:

Spirits of Earth, Guardians of the East; come to us. Gnome, Wise Wolf help us celebrate this magical night of the Blue Moon. Show us the building blocks of stability.


Spirits of Fire, Guardians of the South; come to us. Salamander, Fiery Dragon help us celebrate this magical night of the Blue Moon. Bring to us the flames of creativity and inspiration.


Spirits of Water, Guardians of the West; come to us. Mermaid, Playful Dolphin help us celebrate this magical night of the Blue Moon. Wash over us with the joy of life.


Spirits of Air, Guardians of the North; come to us. Faerie, Soaring Hawk help us celebrate this magical night of the Blue Moon. Give us the breath of new beginnings.

Welcome to God and Goddess:

I would like to ask the Blessed Goddess to be with us on this night of the Blue Moon.
Welcome and Blessed Be.
I would like to ask the Loving God to be with us on this night of the Blue Moon.
Welcome and Blessed Be.


This evening holds special meaning for us as we begin a new journey along our path to the Lord and Lady. This is the night of the Full Blue Moon, a time for beginnings, initiation. How wonderful that it has fallen on the last day of the old year, giving strength to desire to make new beginnings in our lives! The Blue Moon is a time for healing and honoring the Goddess. This is also the last Full Moon of the old year, tomorrow begins the New. The Moon rides high in the night sky preparing the earth for the new growth which will slowly awaken after a long winter’s slumber. Preparing us for the new growth which will slowly awaken within us as we walk our paths…

It is the end of the old year, and we are ready to reaffirm our desires to grow & improve ourselves, as the days lengthen on the way to Spring and the warmth of the growing days.

Speaker 1:

We are as the seeds and bulbs awaiting the warmth of the sun to call us to a new beginning.

Speaker 2:

The winter snows are our blanket. We will soon grow a new coat of green.

Speaker 3:

As we re-emerge, we are as newborns. Our eyes wide open when we are reborn in the spring.

Speaker 4:

The gray winter sky is now growing brighter with each passing day, lifting our spirits and soon to bring us back outside, much as we grow active again.

Goddess Chant:

We are the people of the Goddess
In Her honor we celebrate….
Joining together in community
Pagan peoples of the Earth.

The Goddess Speaks:

"I am Aradia, the avatar of the moon. I incarnated as a woman and walking among you. You are seeking me because you are wishing strength to reinforce desired change…You know that you need to learn more about yourself and the world. You need not run around seeking knowledge or strength from outside sources, for if you do not find the strength within you; you will never find it outside."


I would like for you all to get comfortable now. Sit and be comfortable. This is a very emotional ritual and if you feel uncomfortable about doing this you may leave the circle and join us again afterward. We are ready to begin our Creative Visualization for Release From Pain and Anger With Healing to Follow immediately afterward.

Creative Visualization For Release From Unwanted Traits & Feelings – With Healing to Follow

This ritual and visualization is for release and healing. During the following you will release any pain and anger that you wish and are able to, and then immediately follow by replacing that with healing energy. This is a very emotional ritual/visualization and you may participate if you wish or not. I only wish to tell you ahead of time so you have the choice.

Sit in a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing. Take a deep cleansing breath. Release the breath slowly. Feel your body relax. In your mind, go to a place that you feel safe. Most all of us know a place we allow ourselves to go when we want or need to feel safe. Visualize yourself in that safe place.

Continue breathing.

Familiarize yourself with this space. You will notice that in front of you there are two clay jars. One you will use now and the second you will use later in the ritual.
Take the first of the two jars in your hands, begin to draw up the parts of you you wish to be rid of – pettiness, fear, discontent, pain or any other traits or feelings you wish to be rid of, that are residing inside you and causing you discomfort. Feel them gathering in one place within you. Let yourself feel these things, knowing that they will not be part of you for much longer.
Begin to see them leaving you and going into the clay jar. See the jar filling with as much of these negative traits as you are able to let go of. Do the same with all those things within you you wish to be rid of. Allow all of those things to flow freely out of your heart, mind and soul. Feel the negativity draining from your body and pouring into the jar. Don’t be concerned that the jar isn’t big enough as it will grow to contain anything you need it to.

When you feel that you are finished filling the jar, take a good look at it. See how much you’ve been carrying, making your life heavier than necessary. When you have wrung the last of the negativity you are able to muster or feel comfortable letting go of, see the jar sealing with a lid of clay and wax. Know that the jar is sealed and that these feelings & traits will not return to you. Watch the jar as it shrinks, ever smaller and smaller until it’s small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. See how unimportant it appears now in it’s new size and shape. Now take this shrunken container of formerly immense pain and anger and throw it across the room. See it smash to tiny bits and scatter to the four winds powerless to affect anyone ever again.

Take a deep cleansing breath. Let it out slowly. Feel yourself calming down, your heartbeat and breathing returning to normal after the intense emotional upheaval you just purged yourself of.

You now remember there were two jars before you. Now visualize the second jar sitting in front of you. It begins to pulse with a small light from within. Watch as that light grows while healing, loving, peaceful energy pours into it. See it filling with things you desire to be part of you – love, compassion, tolerance, confidence, contentment…Feel the energy wash over you as it flows to the jar. Let that feeling grow. The jar has doubled in size and is bright with a healing blue light. It fills and grows and glows. You look again and it nearly fills the room.
Reach out and place your hands on the jar of healing light & positive energy & traits. Feel the power that fills the receptacle. As you have your hands on the clay jar, you feel the new energy come into you. It flows through your hands, up your arms. You feel the warmth as the energy flows through you healing your heart and soul, filling the holes from which all those things you are now rid of were emptied. As the energy & light flows through you, you notice that the jar has gotten much smaller. You can now hold it in the palm of your hand. Look at the jar, you notice that it is sealed with a glowing blue light that warms the soul. You notice that it now has a clasp ring that can be put onto a thong. In front of you now is a leather thong that you didn’t see before and it is just the right size to fit you perfectly as a necklace. It is as if the Gods made it just for you. Place the jar of healing energy on the thong. It is now ready for you to put it on and keep near your heart. Know that it will be with you always to draw from in any time of pain or anger, fear, insecurity or when you feel those negative traits trying to again take hold of you. It will never empty, as it is a gift from the Lady and Lord and the Elemental Energies to remind you of their love being always with you.

You now see them, although they have been there all along and you weren’t aware they were with you through the entire journey. They embrace you and tell you that they will always be with you, you only need to ask them to come. You look to them as a child and feel the warmth of their smiles and loving embrace. Thank them and accept their gift as a token of their love for you. Hold this close to your heart. When you look up again they have gone but they are never far.

Come back now to this place when you feel that you are ready. Take a deep breath, release it slowly. Remember that you have been given a gift of spirit and healing to carry with you always. When you feel you are ready and able, you may open your eyes and come back physically to this place also.

***Note from Morgaine – My thanks to Hawk, who gave me the inspiration to this ritual. December 31, 1998

Song: Blue Moon (With thanks to Marj Grover)

Blue Moon you see us standing as stone,
With every dream in out hearts,
With all the hope that is known
Blue Moon you know how much we cad dare
For you hear us singing a prayer
For The One She really does care for
Will there suddenly appear before us
The One whose heart will then enfold
We whisper "Goddess we adore Thee"
If you can see, the moon will turn to gold
Blue Moon, now all the shadows have flown
The dreams are answered in part
We know that love is our own.

Cakes and Wine:

Lance to the Grail
Plow to The Earth
So man is to woman
In joy & mirth

Thank Dieties

We thank the Goddess for being with us this evening of the Blue Moon. Hail & Farewell – Blessed Be
We thank the God consort for being with us this evening of the Blue Moon. Hail & Farewll – Blessed Be

Dismiss the Quarters:

We thank the Spirits of (name each element in turn) for their presence. Hail & Farewell – Blessed Be

Close The Circle & Merry Meet:

By the Earth that is Her body,
By the Air that is Her breath,
By the Fire that is Her spirit,
By the Waters of Her living womb,
The circle is open, but yet unbroken
May the peace of the Goddess and the lobe of the God go in our hearts.
Merry Meet, Merry Part & Merry Meet again!
Blessed Be!

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