Friday Form A Circle – HalfWolf’s Imbolc Ritual

January 15, 2010 at 10:28 am (Circle, Imbolc, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

HalfWolf’s Imbolc Ritual
by HalfWolf aka A. L. Folberth; Copyright notice at bottom;
Published by
Mystical Realm (I had a link, it’s dead)

This is a ritual I wrote and will lead. It is a cross between what I do {Welsh/Celtic} and what I feel the other members of the group do who are primarily Wiccan. Several Celtic traditions/invocations/prayers were combined for this ritual that have older roots (including the Carmina Gadelica). Please keep in mind that this is a night of women’s mysteries.

Items needed:

  • A doll made of grain stalks and dressed in white
  • a basket for her "bed"
  • an open fire
  • peat
  • a fireplace shovel to smore the fire
  • a white candle for the Goddess and a Green one for the God

Notes: The parts of the Goddess and God are assigned to two people who are not leading the ritual. If performing this outside at night it is easy to read a ritual if you hold the paper before you and the fire. Circle Caster says:

"By swiftness of wind, By power of the sea, By hardness of the rocks, By light of fire, This circle is cast Fulfill heart’s desire"

The Priestess, as part of this rite, is the one who tends the fire. She spreads the embers to form a circle and divides the fire into three parts with sticks {preferably Rowan} so that they meet in the center. Priestess lays down the peat in between each of the sticks and with each piece speaks for an aspect of the triple goddess. Priestess says:

"For the Maiden, who brings love For the Mother, who brings life For the Old Woman, who brings knowledge"

Priestess smores the circle of embers with ashes to subdue it, but does not extinguish it. Priestess says:

"I am smoring the fire, as a daughter of the Goddess would smore."

All say:

"The sacred three, Who come from the East,
To bring frost, One brings fire, Let the fire be welcome,
To save, To shield, To surround,
The hearth, The household,
The people, This eve,
This night, And every night."

Goddess and God both step forward into the circle. The Goddess holds a white candle, and the God holds a green candle. Both light it from the fire. Both say:

"Cleft fruitful, fruitful, fruitful. Joy of life surpassing upon me."

God says:

"Horned One the brave endowing me."

Goddess says:

"Bride the fair be aiding me."

Goddess and God swing once together and then part, placing candles next to doll. All say:

"May the flame of inspiration Be rekindled
May the warm waters of healing Touch us all
May the strength of the forge Live inside us.
Blest be the house
Blest be the fire
Blest be the people
This rite is done.
So mote it be. "

Close circle. Copies should be placed into the fire. It is a way of sending the prayers to the divine.

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