Monday Make A – Imbolc Activities

January 18, 2010 at 10:18 am (Brid, Bride, Brighid, Brigit, Crafts, Imbolc, Magic, Monday, pagan, Witch, Witchlets)

Imbolc Activities
Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura

Here are a few suggestions for Imbolc activities, some of which can be incorporated into the Sabbat celebration or simply as something to make the day more special, especially to the children.

  • Burn the Yule greens to send winter on its way.
  • Make the Bride’s Bed using the Corn (or Wheat) Doll made the previous Lughnassadh. (Directions: Double over a bundle of wheat and tie it near the top to form a head. Take a bit of the fiber from either side of the main portion and twist into arms that you tie together in front of the dolly. Add a small bouquet of flowers to the ‘hands’, then you can decorate the dolly with a dress and bonnet.) Dress the doll in white or blue with a necklace that represents the seasons. Lay it in a long basket adorned with ribbons; light white candles on either side of the basket, and say:

"Welcome the Bride both Maiden and Mother;
rest and prepare for the time of the seed; cleansed and refreshed from labors behind her; with the promise of spring she lays before me."

Next morning, remove the dress and scatter the wheat outdoors (or if you use corn, hang it up in a tree for the squirrels and the birds). This can be seen in terms of the Lady’s recovery from the birthing bed and readiness to begin the turning of the seasons anew. The Imbolc Corn Doll represents the mother nurturing her son, who will grow and become her husband. This is the earth and the sun, which is still weak but gaining strength.

  • On Imbolc Eve, leave buttered bread in a bowl indoors for the fairies who travel with the Lady of Greenwood. Next day, dispose of it as the ‘essence’ will have been removed.
  • Place three ears of corn on the door as symbol of the Triple Goddess and leave until Ostara.
  • Light a white candle and burn sandalwood.
  • Cleanse the area where you do card readings or scrying with a censer burning rosemary or Vervain and say:

"By the power of this smoke I wash away the negative influences that this place be cleansed for the Lady and her babe.

  • Cleanse the altar and equipment, do a self-purification rise with the elemental tools representing earth (salt) for body; air (incense) for thoughts; fire (candle flame) for will; and water (water) for emotions.
  • Make dream pillows for everyone in the family.

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  1. Lavender Moon said,

    So much useful information! Woo hoo and a big thank you too!

    As one who is new to the Magickal Path, I am like a sponge that is thirsty for knowledge and I am learning so much via the web. For that I am eternally grateful xx

    Blessings Abound!

    The web is definitely a good source of information. Just keep in mind not all of it is good…not saying that if it differs from info I have, it’s wrong just that common sense & inner feelings have to play a strong role in your learning. No matter who may be saying something, if it feels “uncomfortable” (for lack of a better word) inside, then you should disregard it….Enjoy your journey of learning 🙂

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