Thursday This Is Your Spell – Solar Cross Home Protection Spell

January 21, 2010 at 1:43 pm (Brid, Bride, Brighid, Brigit, Home, Imbolc, Kids, Magic, pagan, Spell, Thursday, Witch, Witchlets)

Solar Cross Home Protection Spell
by ©Joelle Miller 1998-2001;
Joelle’s Sacred Grove

Create Solar Crosses from palm fronds, make enough to place one in each room of the house. Place a red pillar-style candle center to the front door; with palm crosses in hand, light the candle and open the door and say:

"We welcome in the Goddess and seek the turning of the wheel away from winter and into spring."

Close door; take up the candle and go to each room of the house and say:

"Great Lady enter with the sun and watch over this room!"

Leave a Solar Cross in the room and proceed thusly throughout the house.

This is great for the kids as you can divide up the tasks for each to do – one can hold the palms, another can open doors, another can carry the candle, and so forth. The last room should be the kitchen and here you say:

"Mother of the earth and sun,
Keep us safe and keep us warm,
As over our home you extend your blessings."


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1 Comment

  1. Danae, aka 'Crafty' said,

    Thanks for this great Imbolc Ritual…I added it to my cyber BOS- (WITH PROPERCREDITS of course!) I definitely need to go check out this website- so added thanks for the point in the right direction! The last post about the Solar Cross Protection Spell is another great one- I will be doing this one with my kids, as they love this kind of stuff!

    As always…love your blog. Such great information. And your daily emails are a hoot. I always appreciate the daily Horoscopes too- I get the exact same ones from a few different sources- but yours always have the best pics that go along with em…so yours are the ones that I actually open! LOL

    Light & Love 2U & Yours,
    ~Danae, aka ‘Crafty’

    Thanks for the visit 🙂 I try to post things that are kid-friendly, since I have the little one. I am glad to know someone finds the info useful!!!

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