Friday Form A Circle – U of Ark Student Pagan Association (S.P.A.) Imbolc Ritual

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U of Ark Student Pagan Association (S.P.A.) Imbolc Ritual

Items Needed:

  • Planter or flower pot
  • soil
  • seed
  • candles
  • Usual ritual tools/items
  • Everyone who attends is welcome to bring poems to read

Cast the circle. This can be done a number of different ways: by visualizing a sphere of energy shielding your work area; by sprinkling salt water around the edges of the circle; by raising energy through humming or chanting and forming it into a sphere around you; by pacing off the safe space until you feel it is impenetrable; or any other means you find to be effective. The idea is to make this space sacred to you for the duration of the spell, dedicated to your purposes; since no meditation is being done, safety from outside forces is less of an issue. Next, invoke the Goddess and/or God. An invocation can be a poem or any passage written by yourself or anybody else that you feel evokes the presence of the God/dess. Fill the pot with earth, knowing that you and it are connected to the greater Earth all around you, and place pot and seed in front of you, on the altar if you have one. Hold the seed in your hand, knowing that it represents the beginnings of life and the magical creed "as above, so below," mirroring the knowledge held in an ancient oak tree with its tiny coils of DNA. Bless the seed in any manner that springs to your heart, and concentrate on your goal for the next spin of the year. Put your intent into the seed and plant it, knowing that your progress towards the goal will grow along with your plant. Thank whoever you invoked, ground any energy you raised, and close the circle.

Before the ritual begins, the participants place any candles which they have brought around the room and light them. The participants also place any Celtic or personal items they have brought upon or around the altar which is in the center of the room. The participants then circle around the altar.


Mother Earth stirs from her long slumber. The fields and forests hear her whisper to awake. The creatures of her realms answer her summons. Everything waits in anticipation for spring. This is the festival of the maiden who gives to all life the breath of life. This is a time of waxing light and receding darkness. This is a season of purification – a renewing of life. At this time and in this place between the worlds, we come into the presence of the Lord and Lady that we may gain wise and truthful counsel. (D.J. Conway)Envision this room surrounded by a bright white sphere of light as I mark the circle.

The priestess circles the room deosil three times with a stick of incense.

Blessing and Welcoming of the Elements.
[Faces east]

Blessed be the precious and preserving air, the breath of life, our inspiration and delight.

[Faces south]

Blessed be the precious and preserving fire, the blood of life, our warming guest.

[Faces west]

Blessed be the precious and preserving water, the water of life, our cleansing guest.

[Faces north]

Blessed be the precious and preserving earth, the flesh of life, our sustainer and our wisdom. (Caitlin Matthews)

Invocation of the Season of Imbolc.

Midwife of Mystery, open the door, Infant of the Infinite, come you in. Let there be welcome to the newborn truth, Let there be welcome to the Spring of the Year. In cold and darkness you are traveling, In warmth and brightness you will arrive, May the blessed time of Imbolc, Kindle the soul of all beings, Bringing birth to innocence and integrity, From the depths to the heights, From the heights to the depths, In the heart of every soul. (Caitlin Matthews)

Song of Imbolc.

I am the unopened bud, and I the blossom, I am the lifeforce gathering to a crest, I am the still companion of the silence, I am the farflung seeker of the quest. I am the the daughter gathering in wisdom, I am the son whose questions never cease, I am the dawn-light searching out glad justice, I am the center where all souls find peace. (Caitlin Matthews)

Lisa Thiel’s "Candlemas Song" is played from tape while participants meditate upon Brigit’s three gifts –

  • inspiration
  • smithcraft (and all crafts)
  • childbirth and health.

Invocation of Brigit.

"We call on Brigit, the Bright One, whose festival this is, who is said to have been born at the instant of sunrise, and whose sacred fire was tended thru the ages by holy women. We are met to celebrate the Festival of Brigit, midway between the Solstice and the Equinox, the halfway point from the coldest, darkest part of the year. Winter still rules, but the Wheel turns. Winter still rules, but it is waning. The days are visibly longer now, and under the blanket of snow and ice, deep within the womb of the Earth, comes the first stirring of the seeds. Hail, Brigit, we welcome thee and invoke thee." (Courtesy Grey Mare)

Poem of Brigit.

Brigit they name me, and three gifts of fire I bring: first, the flame of inspiration,  frenzy of poet and anguish of artist, and passion of lover for union with the beloved; second, the fierce fire of smith-craft, through whose testing all must pass; and third, the most precious of all, which eases the second’s pain, the undying warmth of healing, the last and greatest gift of the ever-returning Sun. (Traditional Wiccan)


Brigit is the Goddess of creativity and inspiration. Each of us has chosen a creative endeavor for the Goddess to bless this season. Please pick out a candle in this room to concentrate on. Now let us join together in chant for our creative desires to manifest.

Candle Power Chant

Candle of power, candle of might, Create my desires here on this night.

Blood of the Ancients Chant

It’s the blood of the ancients That flows throughout our veins, And the forms change but the circle of life remains.

[Chant repeats for a couple of minutes as participants stare into the flames of the candles and imagine their creative endeavors being fulfilled.]

[After the chanting is over, participants who have brought modern or ancient poems (or short stories) with Celtic themes or have Celtic authors read their poems. Everyone who attends is welcome to bring poems to read.]

[Faces north]

Precious earth, we bless thee and release thee.

[Faces west]

Precious water, we bless thee and release thee.

[Faces south]

Precious fire, we bless thee and release thee.

[Faces east]

Precious air, we bless thee and release thee.

[Faces the altar]

Goddess Brigit, we thank thee for your presence and your gifts.

[To the participants]

The circle is open, yet unbroken. May the peace of the Goddess go in our hearts, Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again. Blessed be!

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