Thursday This is Your Spell – Money, Money Spell

February 4, 2010 at 10:40 am (Candle, Magic, Money, pagan, prosperity, Spell, Thursday, Witch)

Money, Money Spell
Source Unknown

This may be done at any time, but preferably at the same time each day or night. Needed:

  • A Green Candle
  • White Candle
  • Money Drawing Oil

The Green candle represents the money, and the white candle represents you. Make sure you anoint the candles with oil first, thinking of your desire for money to come to you. Set the candles on your alter or table 9 inches apart. After doing this say:

"Money, money come to me
In abundance three times three
May I be enriched in the best of ways
Harming none on its way
This I accept, so mote it be
Bring me money three times three!"

Repeat this for nine days. Each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. When the candles touch, your spell is finished. Make sure you visualize the money pouring in from the universe.

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  1. Emjay said,

    Please tell me what money drawing oil is.
    Thank you.

    • dawtch said,

      Thanks for dropping by! I had thought (which I shouldn’t do, as it makes my head hurt…) that I had posted money oil directions, but I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to search the whole site…so here are two recipes:

      Money Drawing Oil
      Mix equal parts of Frankincense, Myrrh Sandalwood.
      Add a piece of bayberry to each bottle. Add 2 Tbls. of this to 2 ounces of oil.

      Money Drawing Oil
      Bayberry Root Bayberry Oil (usually only available as a synthetic) Pyrite Chips. Top with carrier oil (e.g. almond oil which has been dosed with Vitamin E)

      And you can go here for directions on how to make your own oils.
      In addition, if there is a magical store near you that you TRUST, you can usually buy money oil…just remember, anything you make is going to work MUCHMUCHMUCH better than anything you buy…

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