Friday Form A Circle – Shadowynn’s Spring Equinox Ritual

February 12, 2010 at 10:23 am (Circle, Magic, Ostara, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

Shadowynn’s Spring Equinox Ritual
From "
The Crafted Cup" by Shadowynn (1994, Llewellyn)

Altar Requirements – The altar should be in the center of the circle area facing the eastern quarter. The altar should always be yellow for the Earth Rite of the Spring Equinox {per the author}. The two main altar candles should be yellow for the Spring Equinox Ritual. The four quarter candles (or glass votive candle holders) should always be yellow in the east, green in the north, blue in the west, and red in the south. All other secondary candles used for extra lighting in the ritual area can be of a pale shade of green, and whatever other colors may suit the tastes of the members. A candle-lantern or extra candle will also be needed for the priest’s

invocation of the Solar Lord.

General Instructions – A large plate or platter will be needed in which will be placed a packet of flower seeds, a small, young houseplant, and a small basket or container filled with colored eggs. Any kind of cut flowers and/or greenery suggestive of spring would be appropriate.

Casting of the Circle / Calling of the Quarter Regents – Assemble the quarter regents per your tradition. The first quarter regent, however, to be called will always be whichever one has the seasonal preeminence. East has the preeminence in the Spring.

Invocation of the Maiden – After the assembling of the quarter regents has been completed, the priestess will take her place at the center of the circle, facing the eastern quarter. She will then lift up either her hands or her scepter and begin the invocation. Priestess says:

"We bid Thee welcome,
Returning Maiden of many Names;
Green-gowned Goddess
Awakening the drowsy year
From its seasonal wintry sleep!
The ground stirs
To greet Thy gentle footsteps
As shoots of buoyant life
Break free
In profusions of ecstatic color
Through the weakening grip
Of Winter-hardened earth.
Thou art the Lady most lovely,
Sweet Blossom of Spring,
Perfumed in hyacinth;
Thine arrival trumpeted
By multitudes
Of yellow gleaming daffodils
As the youthful Sun frames Thy form
In virile beams of golden strength.
Be pleased, O Lady,
To revel among us
While we celebrate
Thy freshly-scented laughter
Gently upon warming winds
As springtime showers
Fall softly upon Thine earthen breasts
Of rolling land.
Vernal Maiden of the Equinox,
We invoke Thee to be here among us!"

After she has finished the invocation, the priestess will then step to one side of the altar to make room for the priest as he begins his invocation to the Solar God.

Invocation of the Ascending Solar God – The priest will stand before the altar facing the east, and lifting up his staff and/or hands, he shall begin the invocation of the Solar God. Priest says:

"Let us give praise to the glory of the God celestial,
stretched forth upon the cosmic Cross,
soon to rise above the Circle of the Quinox!
Sun of Righteousness! Sol Invictus!
Solar Savior! We hail Thy triumph
over the seasons of shadow!
From Thy majesty proceeds the very Light of nations,
the shining brilliance of illumined Truth,
and the manifest splendor of the Sacred.
Hallowed Blaze of Heaven, Thou art the Living Light,
Source of inspiration to sage and saint,
priestess and prophet.
Therefore, we add to the adoration of the ancients
as we ascribe to Thee praise and honor,
O Ascendant King of planetary gods!"

The priest will then set his staff in its place. Then he will take the candle-lantern (or candle), and going first to the eastern quarter, and then to the western quarter, he shall make the sign of the equal armed cross as he says the following words: Priest says:

"God of Light, God of Life, Dying daily,
Thou descendest into darkness; rising early
Thy radiance renews the day!"

The candle-lantern is returned to its place by the priest. The Eostara Blessings – The priest will then pick up the platter containing the packet of seeds, the plant, and the colored eggs. The priestess will then face the grove members, along with the priest, while she recites the following. Priestess says:

"Tonight we celebrate the advent of Spring; time of birth, new life and resurrection, pregnant with promises of unfolding growth. Seed and kernel are sown in loam-dark furrows of living soil, soon to take root in magickal metamorphosis. Young flowers stretch their petals with hungry eagerness towards the returning warmth of the Sun. Mother hens brood watchfully over treasured eggs protecting their future, feathered fluffs of life, soon to emerge into the light of day. In seeds, in plants, in fresh-laid eggs, we see cyclic symbols of Earth’s fertility."

The priestess then places her hands over the platter held by the priest as she speaks the following:

"The blessings of our Lady and Lord be upon these seeds of Spring; Embryos of vibrant color and leaf-etched intricacy, that they may beautify the living garments of Mother Earth. The blessings of our Lady and Lord be upon this young and tender plant, that it may serve to remind us of our unity with grass and tree and twining vine. The blessings of our Lady and Lord be upon these eggs, dyed with the colors of life and Spring emblems of the Divine Creatrix; microcosms of the Cosmic Womb."

The priestess will then begin to lead a procession deosil around the circle as she takes the platter of seeds, plant, and eggs from the priest and holds it aloft while all join in the following chant:

"Seeds to bury,
plants to rise,
life is born
from that which dies!"

At the priestess’ discretion she will return to the altar with the platter and instruct all present to stretch forth their hands toward the platter to fully charge it with their accumulated power to complete the blessing. The platter will then be replaced on the altar.

Releasing the Elements – Priest says:

"Spring is the season of rejuvenation when the Elemental Forces must be stirred once more to enhance the recurrence and renewal of the cycles of life. Let us extort the Regents to bring again the greening of the groves with the advent of Eostara!"

The same individuals who assembled the Quarter Regents during the opening rites shall now unsheathe their glaives and take their respective positions at each of the quarters to which they have been assigned. Starting with the eastern quarter, each will raise their glaive and address the Quarter Regents. Eastern Quarter says:

"Regents of the East, Sovereigns of Wind and Air, release now the breezes of dawn, bearing aloft the scent of Spring, refreshing the face of the Maiden’s presence!"

Northern Quarter says:

"Regents of the North, Sovereigns of Elemental Earth,
release now Thy fertility in the furrows of the field, the nests of birds, and the dens of furry forest families!"

Western Quarter says:

"Regents of the West, Sovereigns of all Watery Realms, release now gentle showers and fresh-flowing streams that the thirst of the soil may be quenched!"

Southern Quarter says:

"Regents of the South, Sovereigns of Fire and Flame, release now the welcomed warmth of Sun and Sky, bathing the land with light and the pulsating rays of returning life!"

The callers of the quarters will return to their places within the circle.

(Note: At this point, some Traditions my choose to enact the Great Rite, in accordance with their established practices.)

The Parting Prayers – When the priestess and the priest sense that the time has come to close the rites and open the circle, they will bid everyone to stand as both the priestess and the priest go to the altar in the center of the circle. The priestess will now lift up her scepter and/or hands in a parting prayer to the Goddess. Priestess says:

"Goddess of the Earth, clothed in beauteous array, we thank Thee for the hopeful exuberance of Life’s renewal at this joyous season as we look with eager expectation for the splendor of Spring’s fulfillment in the approach of Balemas blessing. All hail, Farewell, Blessed Be!"

The priest will then stand before the altar facing east and lift up his staff and/or hands in a short prayer of parting to the Solar God. Priest says:

"Radiant Lord of Living Life, Thou hast risen above the dangers of the dark that the brightness of Thy beams might grace us with Thy glory and inspire us with hope for the fruitfulness of the coming season. We thank Thee for the confidence which Thy continuing ascendance evokes within us, for Thou art the living symbol of the Light which cannot be quenched, and we rejoice before Thee at this, the beginning of Thy season of strength! All Hail, Farewell, Blessed Be!"

At this time, the members who called the quarters will now dismiss them to their own domains. The priest will then take his glaive to the marked boundary of the circle and open the circle in accordance with local custom.

The Closing Benediction – The priestess will then make the final  proclamation for the ritual’s conclusion. Priestess says:

"This rite of the Spring Equinox is ended! May the grace of the Emerald Goddess be your portion, and may the rays of the Solar Lord shine ever more radiant until His fullness is upon us! Merry Meet and Merry Part!"

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