Wednesday What Herb – kinda – The Magick of Houseplants

February 17, 2010 at 10:41 am (Associations, Flowers, Garden, Herb, Home, Magic, Ostara, pagan, Plants, Wednesday, Witch)

The Magick of Houseplants
Elizabeth Farrell

Garden Witchery is a wonderful way for Pagans of any belief to connect with the element of earth. All plants have their own special energies and magickal influences, but this article will focus primarily on houseplants. Because space can be limited for many Pagans and Witches, keeping houseplants or a small indoor garden in the home can offer various types of assistance in daily spiritual work.

Besides being naturally connected with the element of earth, the energy of each plant is also connected to its own individual element, is ruled by one of the planets and has either feminine or masculine energy. For example, Lavender is a masculine plant ruled by Mercury and its element is Air. These connections, or correspondences, are the backbone of ritual and spell work but they are also handy to know about when it comes to strengthening or softening the energy in your home.

Different types of plants need different care, so it’s a good idea to do a little research into the proper care of a plant when you purchase it. Also keep in mind that some plants are toxic in nature and should be kept well out of the reach of children and pets. For instance, English Ivy is highly toxic in nature and is best not kept in a house with young children. If you are in doubt about a plant’s toxicity, call your local plant nursery to ask for information.

The following is a list of common plants that you may wish to keep in your home, their magickal correspondences and energies.


  • Gender- feminine
  • Planet-Moon
  • Element-water

The sap of the Aloe Vera plant is well known for its ability to soothe minor burns and insect bites but this plant also has properties that are magick in nature. It helps to ward off negativity and is good to work with in protective/healing rituals and spells. Aloe is also said to be of assistance in preventing household accidents and its energy is especially useful in the kitchen area.


  • Gender-feminine
  • Planet- Venus
  • Element- water

Helps to nurture love and peaceful visions. When placed next to your bed it can help promote peaceful and creative dreams.


  • Gender-masculine
  • Planet-Mars
  • Element- fire

All Cacti are protective in nature and can absorb negativity. They also help to protect against intrusions of any kind and burglaries.


  • Gender-feminine
  • Planet-Venus
  • Element-water

Cyclamen is good for use in love and fertility spells and helps to promote passion.


  • Gender-masculine
  • Planet- Mercury
  • Element-air

Keeping potted ferns in your home or on your patio helps to encourage protection and health. The fern is a favorite of fairies and carrying or wearing a sprig of a fern frond is said to aid in finding treasure.


  • Gender-feminine
  • Planet-Saturn
  • Element-water

Ivy, in all its varieties, is a plant that brings protection, fertility and faithfulness. A sacred plant in Wicca, it is often associated with the Holly tree.


  • Gender-feminine
  • Planet-Venus
  • Element-water

Romantic in nature, the orchid is often used for love charms and spells. It can also help to enhance psychic powers and creative visions.

Venus Flytrap:

  • Gender-masculine
  • Planet- Mars
  • Element-fire

The Venus Flytrap is a good love attractant and can also be kept in the home for protection.


  • Gender-feminine
  • Planet-Moon
  • Element-water

Protective in nature, the lily promotes happiness, love, harmony and peace. Can be very toxic so be sure to keep all lily plants away from children and pets.

Use your own intuition when it comes to finding the right plants for your home and how to arrange them. Also, by communicating with the plants you currently have in your home, you can find the kind of magick and energy that your plants have to offer you.


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