Friday Form A Circle – Kewel Ristar Ritual for Ostara

February 19, 2010 at 10:25 am (Asatru, Children, Friday, Kids, Magic, Ostara, Ritual, Witch)

Kewel Ristar Ritual for Ostara
Submitted By Yens & Ida

This one is from a Heathen/Asatru tradition called The Kewel Ristar. The following information on this Heathen/Asatru tradition comes from (dead link) "We define folkish Asatru as a tribalist "tradition" that sprung from the culture and beliefs of our Northern European ancestors. We do not use the word, "path" or "religion" because we feel those words do not adequately describe what our tradition is. Asatru is what we are. It is not something we do on Sundays or a belief. It is how we live. The gods and goddesses of the Northern Europeans run in our blood. We believe that Heathenism is the most natural and logical choice for those of Northern European descent. As a tribalist tradition we also believe that the gods of other cultures are just a valid as our own. We do not need to hate another race or culture in order to be proud of our own. Being a tribalist organization we reserve the right, as did our ancestors, to adopt into the tribe those that are sincere and honorable, those that uphold the same model of living, the same aspirations and have the same resolves, though they may not be of Northern European descent. Asatru is a way of life. Asatru is who we are…."

Items Needed:

  • Eggs
  • apples
  • water
  • teas
  • candles of white, red and black, your choice as to how many
  • Runes (always of personal preference (Just remember that this is a wondrous time of renewal, so Berkana (growth) and Pertho (birth) are most useful.)

At sunrise you greet the morn with the following; also light all the candles; gift offerings and libations with pure thoughts. Say:

"Long was the Winter Wolf’s reign, Yet now messengers of Spring abound. Day-fire on hearth and high harrow flames. White is to be for the birth of Day, Red is to be for the rule of Day. Black is to be for the fall of Day. To the seasons of fresh beginnings Giving of Love and Passion and Beauty, And of the promise for the future. Life everywhere returns anew As we drink now to the Lady; Hail Ostara mighty maid most fair. Hail Eostre enduring thru all time. Hail Aostar witness our words."

We follow the rite with a huge fast breaking which is nibbled on through-out the day (only lasting till around noon-tide), while the kids hunt for their ‘goodies’ and then play leap-frog and other such ‘childish’ activities out-of-doors. This is also a choice time for healing the inner child within all of us.

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