Friday Form A Circle – The Sacred and Holy Rite of the Fluffy Bunny Goddess…

March 5, 2010 at 10:47 am (Circle, Fertility, Friday, Humor, Magic, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

A Ritual for the Spring Equinox
posted by Phaedra Oorbeck;
First presented at All Souls Welcoming
Congregation, A Unitarian Universalist Community, Kernersville NC, March 24, 1996.

********Warning: If you believe worship can only be done in all seriousness, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!!!!

Although this was done as a Sunday Service, it could easily be adapted for a ritual, so feel free to mangle the Rite to your liking. I’m rather fond of the quarter calls, if I do say so myself, but they need to be adapted if the ritual is not done in the morning. The spoken parts were done mostly extemporaneously, so I cannot provide a full text. Explanatory notes are inserted where they seem necessary.

The text of the Charge was given to me as an extra file on my Gardnerian Disc of Shadows. The author has preferred to remain anonymous, though rumor has it that she is a well-known Gardnerian. The text for our Offering chant comes from the irrepressible Al G. Manning’s book, Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft. The rest of the ritual is of my own authorship, for which I must take total responsibility.


Standard altar, with addition of statue of the Fluffy Bunny Goddess (bunny-rabbit figurine in a dress, an Easter gift from my Mother that had been immediately christened the Fluffy Bunny Goddess), Fool card from Rider-Waite Tarot, jelly beans in an Easter bunny mug and additional odds and ends of bunny bric-a-brac brought by members of the congregation. Scattered around the room taped to the walls are a dozen or two quotes about the Wise Fool and the benefits of laughter.Also needed: bubble blower (shaped like athame, if you can find one) and bubble soap.

Order of Service

  • Prelude – Pre-recorded music: Spring is Returning by Kiva
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Welcome and Announcements
  • Reading – brief excerpt from Charge of the Goddess (the bit about mirth & reverence)
  • Joys and Concerns/
  • Offertory Hymn – Jupiter Prosperity Chant sung to the tune of "Gilligan’s Island" [Thanks to Robert James Petrick for pointing out that these words could be sung to that tune.]

"Oh, great and mighty Jupiter, your friendship we do seek.
Your emissaries send to us, spirits rich and sleek.
Good nature spirits sent by Jove, your comradeship we love.
For bounty and good fellowship our thanks are sent above.
Sprits great, your riches share in fun and friendship true,
Prosperity descends on we, our thanks to lovely you.
And our Light is shining bright, rich green for all to see.
Good fortune is our law of life. With thanks, so mote it be."

– Al G. Manning

  • Exposition – Fluffy What? Why Foolishness is Good [extemporaneous]
  • Purification with Air, & Water, Soap (use toy athame bubble blower to blow soap bubbles around circle)
  • Circle Casting (adapted from Blue Star Tradition, as taught to me by Tziporah Klein) – Group stands in circle, hands at side. First person says,

"The circle is passed from hand to hand,"

and extends left hand to person on his/her left. Second person (to the left) takes left hand of first person in his/her (2nd person’s) right hand, and extends left hand to next person on the left, saying, again,

"The circle is passed from hand to hand."

Continue around until Circle is complete, i.e., everyone is holding hands. Last person (who was also first person) says,

"Blessed be."

  • Quarter Invocations

East – "I call upon the powers of the East, the home of the rising Sun, which gets us to church when sensible people are still snoozing. You are the Realm of Air, the bringer of Spring breezes that stir up the pollen and make us sneeze; bringer of Spring breezes that cut through our windbreakers and give us chills; bringer of Spring breezes that scatter our Easter bonnets across the lawn like so many frolicking bunnies. Powers of the Air, hop to it! Be with us now!"

South – "I call upon the powers of the South, home of the Sun at high noon, which it will be before we get out of here; home of Spring Training, the Grapefruit League and the Cactus League, where hope springs eternal, and it isn’t "wait till next year" yet. You are the Realm of Fire, the ruler of our passions, which get all stirred up with Spring energy and makes us act like out-of-control bunnies. Powers of Fire, hop to it! Be with us now!"

West – "I call upon the powers of the West, the Realm of Water, bringer of the Spring rains, and rains, and rains…We know that April showers bring May flowers, but this is only March, so you can quit with the rain for a little bit, OK? And we’d be happy to skip the Spring floods, too, while you’re at it. You who rule our emotions, bring to us joyous hearts, that we may be as happy as bunnies frolicking in a sprinkler. Powers of Water, hop to it! Be with us now!"

North – "I call upon the powers of the North, the Realm of Earth, Guardian of the growing things that nourish our bodies. Bring to us an abundance of asparagus, and pile our plates with Pasta Primavera, that our tummies may be round like a bunny’s. Bring the vitality of Spring to our gardens, and common sense to the gardener, that the garden may be planted with sufficient abundance that there be enough left for the gardener after the bunnies have eaten their fill. Powers of the Earth, hop to it! Be with us now!"

Invocation of the Goddess

  • Bunny Charge – "Now listen to the words of the Great Mommy, who was of old also called among rabbits Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail and a whole bunch of other names. At mine warrens, the kids at Looney Tunes made neat sacrifice! Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye bunch up and hide, and adore the spirit of me whom am Queen of all Bunnies. There shall ye bunch, ye who are interested in higher education, but haven’t yet figured it out; to these will I teach even things I don’t know. And ye shall be free from Elmer Fudd, and as an sign ye be really horny, [ye shall be naked in your rites(optional)], and ye shall hop and twitch, eat carrots and fool around, all for me. For mine is big fun, and mine also is even bigger fun, for my law is playtime. Keep pure your lettuce patch, ever weed it, let slugs and aphids not turn you aside; for mine is the secret door that opens onto Never-Never Land, and the Cauldron of Somebody-or-other, which is even better than chocolate milk. I am the Gracious Bunny, who gives the gift of joy unto the tummy of rabbits. Upon earth, I know all sorts of stuff, and beyond death, you get to play. Nor do I demand sacrifice; for look! I am the Mommy of all living, so I’ve already got plenty. Hear ye the words of the Star Bunny, she whose tushy is a cottonball, and whose ears are very long, and whose body is quite cuddly. I am the beauty of the green carrot tops, and the white parsnips among the weeds, and the splashing in the water, and the desire of the nymphomaniac. Call unto thy soul, "Hey, soul! Get up and come here or you don’t get any dessert!" I’m in charge, and before my whiskers, beloved of Big Bunnies and little hares, let thine innermost cute self have lots of good times. Let my worship be within the tummy that grumbles; for look! All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Therefore party! party! party! But don’t drink and drive. And thou who thinkest to theek me, know thy theeking ith in vain unleth thou knoweth the mythtery: I don’t know either. But I’m in charge anyway and don’t you forget it.
  • Invocation of the Fool [extemporaneous] –
  • Meditation – Visualization of our Fluffy Bunny selves
  • Zen Laughter Exercise – (an Alan Watts exercise, as taught to me by Alan Salmi. One holds one’s tummy and laughs and laughs and laughs . . .)
  • Energy Release – Free-form dancing to recorded music: Fools Rush In by Ricky Nelson
  • Pledge to Foolishness – Each participant makes a pledge to some "foolish" behavior, sealing the oath by consuming a jelly bean from the altar.
  • Thank You and Farewell to Bunny Goddess [extemporaneous]
  • Thank You and Farewell to Fool [extemporaneous]
  • Dismiss Quarters [extemporaneous]
  • Open Circle (hold hands, sing or recite verse, drop hands)

"May the Circle be open, but never broken
May the Joy of the Goddess be ever in your heart
Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again."

– traditional, adapted

  • Postlude – Recorded Music: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles
  • General Feasting on jelly beans and coffee

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