Friday Form A Circle – Celli Laughing Coyote’s Beltane – A Solitary Ritual

March 26, 2010 at 9:45 am (Ancestors, Beginnings, Circle, Earth, Friday, Garden, Magic, pagan, Plants, Ritual, Solitary, Witch)

Celli Laughing Coyote’s Beltane – A Solitary Ritual
by Celli Laughing Coyote
Found at
Tarna’s Mystic Realm


This can be done indoors or outdoors, please choose your plant accordingly. This is a good time to do your yearly tree planting also.


  • altar set up
  • crystal
  • feather
  • tobacco or sage
  • fertilizer
  • tree
  • plant or seeds
  • some soil and a pot or prepared ground
  • water
  • a pan or basin of some sort – if you are inside in an area that is big enough to do some repotting and watering.

Pre-wet the potting soil so you don’t need to do much watering or dig hole for plant or tree. Cast circle in the usual way, Then say:

"I have come here to nurture and replenish our Mother, the Earth, by planting and caring for one of her children. So I show my love of her and Humanity. I have come here to bring forth a new life unto our Mother’s and Father’s service. For the greatest of blessings is service."

Smudge plant, crystal, potting soil and any fertilizer, feather and anything that will be placed into the soil/hole. Then meditate with the crystal for a few moments upon the purpose of this ritual. Then: (substitute your own deities if you wish), add small amount of soil to pot and say:

"Grandfather Eagle, Bless this Child of Earth with clean air for growth."

Place feather in pot/hole and say:

"Grandmother Rabbit, Bless this Child of Earth with passion for growth."

Place ash from smudge holder in hole [make sure it is out]. Then place plant in pot with dirt about 1/2 the way up and say:

"Grandfather Bear, Bless this Child of Earth with sufficient water for growth."

Pour Water into hole – save some water for the end of the ritual, and say:

"Grandmother Buffalo, Bless this Child of Earth with sufficient food for growth."

Place fertilizer in hole or pour a little more water in if it is the kind that you mix with water. Say:

"Great Spirit, Bless this Child of Earth with your protection."

Place Tobacco/sage in hole. Say:

"Mother Earth, Bless this Child of Earth with your Nurturing Love."

Place what Crystal in hole. Say:

"Ancestors and Totem Spirit, Bless this Child of Earth with growth and your Guidance."

Place the extra smudging sage in hole. Fill in the pot with dirt. If you have a song or poetry say it at this time. pour the rest of the water over the plant (please don’t drown the plant in water) and say:

"Blessed Be!"

Bless and eat your cakes and wine. If your plant is outdoors give your offerings to the plant – if it is indoors or in a pot just leave a crumb and a drop and take the rest outdoors. Cake tends to have sugars in it and it could cause mildew or encourage bugs to live in your plants. Close your circle as usual.

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