Thursday This is Your Spell – To Bless And Consecrate Wedding Rings

April 15, 2010 at 9:09 am (Beginnings, Beltane, Blessing, Handfasting, Love, Magic, Marriage, pagan, Spell, Thursday, Witch)

To Bless And Consecrate Wedding Rings
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  • the rings
  • bell (optional)
  • sage to smudge
  • blessings written by those to whom the rings will belong
  • chalice containing your preferred beverage for ceremonies
  • white Goddess Candle
  • black God candle
  • red candle to represent Fire
  • incense to represent Air
  • small bowl of Water
  • salt to represent Earth

To consecrate, bless and dedicate Wedding Rings to the Lord and Lady, first find the place where you wish to set up the altar. This place must not be disturbed, for it will take on sacred and holy energies, and you will not want anything to happen to this area.

Write two blessings to read to each other if you desire to and use some beautiful music if there is some available. Have a Chalice of wine on the altar to drink from after the blessing. Remember, the more energy and work that you put into your blessing ceremony, the more magical energy it will take on. You may use a bell to signify that you are beginning.

Once you have found that place smudge with sage, keeping “Love and Light” in your consciousness. Next, ask the four elements for their presence and for their blessing for your rings. Next, set up the altar, placing the rings you wish to bless on the altar gently. Arrange the candles to your liking, and the elemental representations in the appropriate locations. Once your altar is set up spend a few moments in quiet meditation thinking about what this Ring Blessing Ceremony means to you. Feel the magic around you. breathe in the Love and Light from the Lord and Lady. Visual yourself and your love for each other revitalized because of it’s presence. See yourself becoming more healthy, whole, and wise.
Say aloud the Blessings you have written for each other.
Sprinkle the rings with Salt for East; (Earth)
Pass rings over or through the red candle flame; South (Fire)
Sprinkle rings with water, West (Water)
Pass rings through Incense smoke, North; (Air)
Say something like:

"We pledge these rings consecrated to the Lord and Lady
to each other as an outward symbol of our love for each other ."

Drink from the Chalice holding it each to the others lips. Replace Chalice. When you are ready to end your Ring Blessing Ritual; sound the bell once (if you opted to use it) again, thanking all elements for their presence and assistance. Release them back to their abodes, asking harm to none on their way. Thank the Lord and Lady for their presence in your life. Take a deep breath of the fresh magic around you and aver: So mote it be!

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  1. Stevia : said,

    i love wedding rings that are studded with diamonds and emerald, they are expensive and priceless too ;

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