Friday Form A Circle – Wiccaning Ritual

April 23, 2010 at 9:52 am (Acceptance, Ancestors, Blessing, Children, Dedication, Friday, Kids, Life, Magic, pagan, Spell, Wisdom, Witch, Witchlets)

Wiccaning Ritual
Phoenix McFarland’s
"The Complete Book of Magickal Names"

This is written as a ceremony for a new child, but as we find our way through the world, and discover that we are, indeed pagan in our beliefs, we are as children, learning to walk & talk and think in new ways. Though I, personally have not, many take a new name to themselves. I can see no reason why this same ritual couldn’t be used in that instance as well 🙂

I’m just sayin’…


(Written as instructions for priest/ess)

For this celebration of birth, set up the altar, call the quarters, cast the circle, and invite the deities.

"We have come together to celebrate the birth of this soul. We all began so. We all were once so small. We grow and learn as we walk on the path of the Goddess. This person has begun again and will learn again. There WILL be growth, for that is life. Change is the only constant. From infant to parent to elder. From elder to death to rebirth. Such is the path of the circle of life. In our excitement in the beginning of life, we do not forget the turning of the wheel. We honor the maiden, mother, and crone. We are here to celebrate a new beginning, to welcome a new person into our midst, and to name that person."

Ask the parents to bring the baby forward to the altar.

"Who is this person?"

Parents answer with the child’s name.

"Welcome, (new name)!"

Take the censer and trace a pentacle before the child saying:

"(New name), by Fire and Air I honor you."

Draw a pentacle on the baby’s third eye in salt water, saying:

"(New name), by Water and Earth I honor you."

Hold the child and turn to the East saying:

"Hail, East! Know (new name), a child walking once more upon the path. Help (new name). Protect [new name]. Bless [new name]. Let (new name) fly into the unlimited skies of imagination and thought. Send (new name) gentle breezes and freshening winds to gently guide him/her along his/her path. Favor (new name) with all the airborne powers of the East!"

Stepping to the South, hold the child and say:

"Hail, South! Know (new name), a child walking once more upon the path. Help (new name). Protect (new name). Bless (new name). Let (new name) warmly pursue his/her life’s desire. Let (new name) bask in the glory of the golden light of passion. Let (new name) run with the lions of courage, never shrinking from the light of day. Send (new name) purifying candles to light his/her way and gently guide him/her along his/her path. Favor (new name) with all the fiery, sunlit powers of the South!"

In the West, hold the child and say:

"Hail, West! Know (new name), a child walking once more upon the path. Help (new name). Protect (new name). Bless (new name). Let [new name] swim uninhibited in the waters of the Mother. Let (new name) dive freely into the depths of his/her own feelings. Allow (new name) to swim with the blue dolphins and sing with the mermaids. Send (new name) the soothing sounds of the waves to calm his/her ruffled emotions. Favor (new name) with all the blue-roaring waterfall powers of the West!"

To the North, hold the child and say:

"Hail, North! Know (new name), a child walking once more upon the path. Help (new name). Protect (new name). Bless (new name). Let (new name) walk safely within the darkest places. Lead (new name) to safety in the night. Let (new name) climb the apple trees, stroke the animals, and learn the wisdom in the sounds of an untouched forest. Send (new name) the cool, damp smell of a pine forest in the moonlight to ground and balance him/her. Favor (new name) with all the earthly solidity of the North!"

Give the child back to the parents.

"Hail, (new name), and welcome! May the Goddess bless you as you grow. May the God protect you your whole life long. Remember, parents of (new name), that this is a distinct and separate soul, not an extension of your own. Allow (new name) to flourish in his/her own way. Since we do not introduce babies or children into our religion before they are old enough and wise enough to understand the meaning of what they are doing, we do not come here today to make you a Wiccan. We simply welcome you and wish you great blessings. The existence of this new little body for this very old soul makes us more aware of the wheel of life as it ends and begins again. Merry meet. Merry part, and merry meet again!

Have cakes and wine (or in some circles, it’s more accurate to say cookies and juice). Give Wiccaning gifts to the parents. Close the circle, dismiss the quarters, and say farewell to the deities.

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