Monday Make A – Pressed Flowers Crafts

April 26, 2010 at 9:28 am (Beltane, Children, Crafts, Decoration, Flowers, Kids, Magic, Monday, pagan, Witch)

Pressed Flowers Crafts
Hearth & Home Witchery

With dried pressed flowers you can make placemats, note cards, bookmarks and more! To press flowers, be sure they are rid of any excess water. Lay between the pages of old phone books and cover with heavier books (or if you have big heavy books use two sheets of paper on each side of the flowers to prevent any damage to the book’s pages.) Make sure the book is covered with a few more books for added weight. Let sit untouched for two weeks, if flowers are not completely dry then let sit another week.


  • various spring blooms and greenery, dry and pressed*
  • heavy card stock,poster board
  • contact paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers
  • glitter, paint, other doodads for decorating

For the placemat: Cut posterboard to average placemat size (about 12"X 16"), glue flowers to poster board if you want (helps to keep them in place for later), let dry. Decorate as desired. Cut 2 equal lengths of contact paper that are slightly larger than the posterboard (so it overlaps about an inch on each side). Carefully unpeel a section of contact paper and with the help of a friend or parent, carefully center over the top and press onto decorated posterboard. Press out all air bubbles. then apply the second sheet to the back. Press out all air bubbles and seal the edges. Trim if needed.

For bookmark, follow the directions for placemat only cut your card stock or poster board bookmark sized (about 2"x 5").

For Notecards


  • Tweezers
  • Flowers and Leaves (You can also use herbs)
  • White absorbent paper
  • Note Cards
  • Construction paper (Optional)
  • White Glue
  • Toothpick

Choose flowers that are a good size for your work. The best ones are simple flowers with few petals such as pansies, buttercups, Queen Anne’s lace. (This is especially true for beginners, until you get more confidence to try more elaborate blossoms and greenery.) Pick your flowers after the dew has dried, usually late morning. After you have selected your flowers and greenery and picked them, its time to press them. Remove all the stems from the flowers. Spread the blossoms and leaves in a single layer on a sheet of white absorbent paper. Place a second sheet of paper on top and place heavy objects such as books on top. Leave for about 2 weeks.

Now that your blooms and greenery are dried its time to get creative! Its a good idea to arrange your flowers and greens on paper before you glue. Be gentle though as some flowers or leaves can be brittle. Next, take a pair of tweezers and pick up a leaf that you want for the background. Using a toothpick dipped in white glue apply a small amount to the back of the leaf. Place on white note paper. Continue this process until you have placed all the leaves you want onto your card. Next, glue on all the major focal flowers. Glued the same way as the greenery. Once this is done, add all of the accent flowers.

Now that your pressed flower arrangement is completed you can write you quotes, poetry etc under the flowers, or you just leave blank for a simple but beautiful look. To protect your cards cover them with clear self-adhesive contact paper. Press contact paper down firmly to make sure it sticks to the flowers, greenery and card. For extra color glue finished card onto construction paper.

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