Friday Form A Circle – Litha Ritual For Covens

May 14, 2010 at 9:07 am (Circle, Friday, Litha, Magic, Midsummer, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

Litha Ritual For Covens

Items Needed:

  • A decorative wreath made from natural items, i.e. branches, flowers, feathers, etc.
  • Fresh, clean water. (Amount depends on how big you like your fires.)

Decorate the altar with roses and other summer flowers. A bonfire is constructed in the center of the circle. The wreath is also placed upon the altar. The Priest bears a God figure made of woven twigs and sticks. Coveners and guests also wear flowers. 
All enter the circle from the west, to face the rising sun. The fire is lit, and the Priestess says:

"We celebrate the Mid-of-Summer, held in honor of the Sun King. All of Nature vibrates with the fertileness of the Goddess and of the God. The Earth basks in the light and life of the Sun. The ever turning Wheel of the Year has made the light ever stronger. The light has kept growing longer, until today… The light is at its peak, Litha, Midsummer’s Day, Summer Solstice. 
From here, the light begins to fade, until once more the Wheel turns to the time of darkness. As the light dies, so the Lord of Light dies Himself, and sets sail across the dark seas of time, searching for the isle of light that is rebirth. Yet, for today, the Sun is high, the light is bright, the Earth is warm. As the Sun God blazes above, may the fires of our rite flame below."

Purify, cast the circle, and invoke the Goddess and the God. All dance around the fire, chanting:

"She is luminous
She is white
She is shining
Crowned with light!
He is radiant
He is bright
He is rising
He takes flight!"

The priest dances with the God figure in the center of the circle. The coveners place flowers on the figure until it is covered with blossoms. As the power grows, the Priest and Priestess dance closer to the fire. At the peak of the power, the priest tosses the figure into the flames and the chant stops as all meditate on the blazing blossoms.

The priestess carries the wreath around the circle, holding it up to each person’s face so that they can see the flames through it. She says,

"See with clear sight."

Each person puts a hand on the wreath and projects their troubles into the wreath. After making her way around the circle, the priestess holds the wreath aloft and says:

"Great Goddess and Great God, from Thee all powers flow forth.
Lord and Lady, Great Spirits of All-That-Is,
By Thy powers, and the powers of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth,
By Thy powers, and the powers of the Sun, Moon, and Stars,
We banish these negatives from our lives." 
The wreath is then thrown onto the fire. As the fire burns down, douse the ashes with the water.

All say:

"As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so let this water purify and renew. Mother Goddess, bless this water so that it may renew me. Father God, may your rays of the Midsummer sun bless and nourish me. Lord and Lady, may your blessings sustain me as I journey anew."

Ground the power, share food, and open the circle.

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