Friday Form A Circle – Litha Ritual

May 28, 2010 at 9:47 am (altar, Ancestors, Circle, Dedication, Friday, Litha, Magic, Midsummer, pagan, Ritual, Witch)

Litha Ritual
From Dragonshadow Lair

Special notes: Rededication to the Great Goddess and Great God. Time when the Sun casts three rays to light the world.

Altar supplies: Incense, burner, chalice of water, salt, pentacle, dagger, 4 element candles, chalice of wine, wand. A red candle (set to the right of cauldron)cup of fresh water set in the cauldron with a green or blue candle on the left.

Cast the Circle
Light the green candle to the left of cauldron

Green forest Mother, bless this water, I do ask. 
Great One of the stars, spinner of fates, I give honor to you, 
and call upon you in your ancient names, known and unknown.

Light the red candle to the right of cauldron

Mighty Sun God, god of fertility and plenty, be here with me now, I do ask. I give honor to you, and call upon you in your ancient names, known and unknown.

Raise your arms over the cauldron and say

This is the sacred cauldron of the Triple Goddess. 
The touch of its consecrated water blesses and renews, even as the rays of the Sun nourish and bless all life.

Pass your hands/arms between the two candles, making wishes as you do; or set them on the floor and walk between them. Dip forefinger of your power hand into the cauldron water and trace a pentagram on your forehead. Kneel before the altar to rededicate your life to the Old Gods.

I will serve the Great Goddess and give reverence to the Great God. I am a pagan, a stone of the ancient circle, standing firmly balanced upon the Earth, yet open to the winds of the heavens, and enduring through time. May the Old Gods witness my words!

Place wine chalice on pentacle and lift it high

Honor to the Old Gods! Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!

Drink the wine, saving some to be put out for the little people or to be given to the earth

Continue with a Simple Feast and Closing the Circle 

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