Thursday This Is Your Spell – Midsummer Marigold Endurance Spell

June 17, 2010 at 9:43 am (Flowers, Garden, Litha, Magic, Midsummer, pagan, Spell, Thursday, Witch)

Midsummer Marigold Endurance Spell
Unknown author

Write your birth-sign on a small stone in permanent pen. In a large flower pot, place the stone at the bottom. Plant a marigold on top, placing seven stones around the plant. As you work, chant:

"Sing me the song of seasons
Show me the sun’s delight
Open my heart for you radiance
Lead me towards the light."

The marigold is the flower of endurance that always turns its face toward the sun, following its path through the sky. This ritual will give you endurance.

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  1. Philip Edwards said,

    Thanks for this post. Your blog is a wonderful respite from our
    day-to-day. And yes! There is magic everywhere.

    Thought I would share the above chant with you in Finnish:

    “Laulaa minulle Vuodenajat laulu
    Näytä auringon iloksi
    Avaa sydämeni voit radiance
    Johtaa minut valoon.”

    Thanks again!

    Phil E.

  2. Philip Edwards said,

    I enjoy your posts. This working chant you shared is great…

    “Sing me the song of seasons
    Show me the sun’s delight
    Open my heart for you radiance
    Lead me towards the light.”

    While not a chant, these lyrics from Wishmaster…by Nightwish I repeat
    when it helps me:

    Seventh Seeker
    In me
    The Wishmaster.”

    Kiitos (Thank you),


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