Thursday This Is Your Spell – Summertime Magical Spells For Witchlings

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Summertime Magickal Spells For Witchlings
From Baby Magic by Vidar Andrewson – Mind Fire

Decide what rituals are suitable for your child’s age and which ones are too much for them. I have tried to make them as simplistic as possible.

  • Bubblemagic: Have you ever blown bubbles when you were a child? This rite is quite simple but will work if the right mindset is in order. First go out into nature, on a hill, in a field etc on a windy day if possible. Tell your child to make a wish and blow the bubbles. When they blow the bubbles their wishes are put inside the bubbles and carried up to the Gods & Goddesses. There the bubbles pop and the Gods & Goddesses will see their wishes and grant them. Explain to them that sometimes the bubbles will pop before getting there, due to being attacked by Loki’s forces who take the form of bugs, birds, crosswinds, people and other things. If they say a little prayer before the bubbles are blown to ensure a safe journey of the bubbles to the Gods & Goddesses then that will help them do beginning invocations.
  • Kite Magic: Hand make a kite with your child(ren) doing most of the work. On the kite write messages of what they want, wishes. The message can be anything they want the Gods(desses) to hear. It can have a poem written on it, or a request or a simple happy birthday to the God during Yuletide for the beginning of our year. The thought being that the higher the kite goes it gets closer to the realm of the Gods and they can read it easier. If the kite string ever breaks and the kite is lost maybe the Gods have decided to keep the kite? Don’t lie to them but let their imagination decide what happened to the kite. If you lie to them they’ll never believe you again or will have doubts about what you say in the future.
  • Balloon Magic: Write on a piece of paper your wishes, a song, poem or whatever you want the Gods(desses) to see. Roll up the paper and insert it into a balloon. Inflate the balloon with helium and let it fly on the end of a string <but don’t let it fly away because balloons are not environmentally friendly>. A good variation to this would be to put a handful of birdseed inside the balloon so that when it pops the seed will feed the Goddesses children, the birds.
  • Water Magic: Work together to make a boat made of wood or out of scraps of wood. Fill the boat with fish food and a leaf that your kid has written his/her wishes onto. Before your child sends the boat into the water have them say a prayer of what they wish and that in exchange for granting their wish they have fed the Goddesses children, the fish.
  • Magic with Fire: You will need to supervise your kids with this one. Have them write down everything that makes them mad onto a piece of paper and then have them toss it into a fire. If they want wishes to be granted by the Gods(desses) have them write, or draw a picture or what they want on a piece of paper and toss it into the fire. Tell them that as the paper gets burned up it turns into smoke and is carried up to the Gods and then magically turns back into a piece of paper and lands on their alter where they read it.
  • Home For the Faeryfolk: If you have access to a forest this one is cool. Go out to the forest and assist your child in building a home for the faeryfolk there. Don’t use two-by-fours but branches instead. Make it as elaborate as you wish. Tell your children that sometimes the faeryfolk take on the form of animals and will move into the home you’ve built for them. To lure them into the home put a variety of fruits and vegetables inside and a note to them stating that you’ve built this home for them and if they wish they can grant you your wishes. When the winter snows start piling up they will be very happy you’ve built them a home and stocked it with food. They may feel grateful enough to grant you your wishes. There is also a post on making Faery Furniture here.)

These are only a few of the spells I am working on. feel free to use these and pass them around. Permission is granted to put these in publications as long as credit is given to me

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Thursday This is Your Spell – Has Been Interrupted for Beltane Associations

April 23, 2009 at 3:06 pm (Associations, Beltane, Colors, Decoration, Fae, Faery, Faery Furniture, Fairies, Fairy, Fire, Flowers, Herbs, Incense, Magic, May Day, pagan, Thursday, Witch)

Beltane Associations
Unknown source

Herbs: Honeysuckle, St. John’s Wort, Hawthorn, All flowers
Incense: Frankincense, Lilac, Rose
Colors: Green, Soft pink, Blue and Yellow
Decorations: Maypole, Strings of beads or flowers, Ribbons, Spring flowers
Foods: Dairy, Oatmeal Cakes, Cherries, Strawberries, Wine Punches, Green Salads

Tools and Ritual Components:

Incense – Frankincense, Rose and Bluebells make a lovely scent to appease the Fey and bring trust and purification to your gathering.
Ritual Soap – Thyme and Rose for balance and beauty, and to tempt the faerie folk into joining your celebration.
Anointing Oil – Lily of the Valley, a traditional May Day flower.
Ritual Cup – Woodruff Wine to banish negativity, or Red Clover Tea, a Victorian favorite for spring.
Altar Decorations – Ivy, Rose, and Hawthorn adorn the altar, while fresh Marigold petals form the outer circle. Garnet is a symbol of union and may be placed central to the altar for fidelity, and friendship.
Clothing – Crown yourself with a wreath of Ivy. Wear bright, lively colors, especially the green of the forest to honor life and vitality.
Cakes – By May, strawberries have come into season. Why not enjoy them with Victorian popovers and a little cream? It’s one way of thanking the Earth for her bounty. Candied Violets are also a traditional Victorian treat for this holiday.

* Nine Woods Used in The Belfire *

Birch – (Attributes: Protection of children, purification, creativity) Add to the fire to represent the Goddess or female principle.
Oak – (Attributes: All positive purposes, magic for men, fidelity) Add to the fire symbolizing the God or male principle.
Rowan, or mountain ash – (Attributes: Divination, healing, astral work, protection) Add to the fire as the Tree of Life. .
Willow – (Attributes: – Romantic love, healing, protection, fertility, magic for women) Sacred to Hecate, add willow to the fire as a celebration of death.
Hawthorn – (Attributes: Fertility, peace, prosperity, binding) As Tree of Purification and a Sacred faeries tree, add hawthorn to the Belfire for purity.
Hazel – (Attributes: Manifestation, spirit contact, protection, fertility) As Tree of wisdom, add hazel to the fire to gain wisdom.
Apple – (Attributes: Fertility. Tree of love) Add apple wood to the fire for the magic of love.
Vine – (Attributes: Faerie work, Joy, Exhilaration, Wrath, Rebirth) This is the Tree of joy so add vine to the fire for joy.
Fir – (Attributes: Strength, life and immortality, rejuvenation) As the Tree of Immortality, add fir to your Beltane fire for rebirth.


A Victorian Grimoire by Patricia Telesco

Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy (link to the book online)

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Monday Make A – Fairy Furniture

April 13, 2009 at 3:59 pm (Beltane, Children, Crafts, Fae, Faery, Faery Furniture, Fairies, Flowers, Fun, Kids, Magic, May Day, Monday, pagan, Plants, Witch, Witchlets)



I believe the source for this is Garden Spells: The Magic of Herbs, Trees and Flowers“ by Claire Nahmad, but I’m not sure. Even if it isn’t, it is still a good source for information if you’re inclined towards fairies…

‘The faery beam upon you,
The stars to glister on you;
A Moon of light,
In the Noon of night,
…And the luckier lot betide you’

– Ben Jonson

To accept that fairies do indeed exist, and that cooperation with them in the creation of a garden will richly benefit all that grows in it, is a part of the wisewomen’s ancient doctrine. If you would know and work with the fairies, you must seek to draw near to them. They are curious about human folk, and are ready to love them; but they are also afraid and angry. With our dirty, greedy ways, we commit abomination in their world. To soothe them, we must attune ourselves to Nature, and do things her way. When we pour out love into the heart of the garden, and cherish each living thing in it, both humble and magnificent, beautiful and ugly, then we may begin to see the fairies. Peep at them from the corners of your eyes, as if they were shy woodland creatures which you might frighten away with a direct penetrating glance. Look deep into the lovely forms of the flowers and trees you care for, and you will see the essence of their spirit. The color of each plant glows radiantly, because each reflects the hue of the nature-being that brings their life energy to them. Every differing shade of color has a story to tell of the inner worlds. Look particularly at apple blossom in the springtime, and let your fancy weave tales of the Goddess, for the loom of the imagination brings truth to our hearts.

To open your heart to the fairies, you must nurture these feelings of wonder, reverence and love for every detail of your garden, for the airs which blow about it, the musical rain which falls gently upon it, the moon and the stars which silently look down on it, the great sun which is the source of its being, and for the clouds and the changing skies which provide it with a canopy. When you can truly feel the sweetness of this magic, you will begin to discover the fairies, for they will make themselves known to you.

Fairy Furniture
found at
Draco’s Rose

May is a month that fairies love. Show them your appreciation and give the kids a great project by making them some furniture!
Items needed:

  • twigs
  • vines
  • dried flowers
  • needle and thread
  • scrap material
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun-be sure little fingers are safe!
  • pruners to cut the twigs-again watch those little fingers

Decide what you’re going to make. We’ll make a chair, to give you an example. Cut the twigs in this manner – one long, bendable piece that will form the back legs and back of the chair, and four equal length twigs which will form the two front legs and the seat. The chair should stand no more than four inches tall (including the back). Bend the long twig and hot glue one of the smaller pieces in between the two ends where you want the seat to be. This will be the back of the seat. Hot glue on each side of the bent twig facing towards you a smaller twig; – these will be the sides of the seat. Glue the front piece of the seat to these side twigs. Glue the two front legs to the seat so that the chair legs are even. If you wish, wrap the vines around the chair back and legs. Cut the scrap material to form a "back" and a "seat" – these are not to be as wide as the chair, but will fit inside of the twigs. Using your needle and thread, attach the material to the chair using a whip stitch. Hot glue small dried flowers at the top of the chair. This technique can be used to make all kinds of fairy furniture, from tables to beds, to sofas – all of which are sure to delight your fairies as much as your children!

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions / recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog

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