Monday Make A – New Year’s Broom at Samhain

October 5, 2009 at 10:24 am (Besom, Crafts, Decoration, Halloween, Magic, Magical Stones, Monday, pagan, Samhain, Tools, Witch)

Making a New Year’s Broom at Samhain
by Meredith


  • Plain old fashioned corn broom
  • Spray paint (only needed if you don’t like the color of the broom you buy)
  • black paint
  • thin paint brush
  • crystal points
  • jewelers wire (can be found at craft store)
  • feathers
  • other items you may want to use to decorate your new besom

It is almost time to start a new year and that means, for many of us, getting a new broom.. I have worked on mine today and thought I would pass this along as it is a simple project and makes for a really lovely and powerful broom for your home. Go out and buy a new corn broom (a plain old fashioned broom). I got one at Dollar General for $3. If you do not like the color of the handle…paint it the color of your choice. Mine is red. Luckily, it came that way! But had it not, a can of spray paint goes a long way. $3 a can. I have painted Witches’ Rune Symbols on my broom handle. I used black paint ($1.00) and a thin brush ($1.00). I am not the greatest artist in the world but it looks fine to me. At the base of the broom, .where the actual broom starts, I have attached 4 different crystal points with jeweler’s wire. I have a quartz crystal, an amethyst, an obsidian and a jade. I have attached feathers as well. Now I have a broom that is functional and powerful. It also looks very nice. I found the crystal points at Hobby Lobby for an excellent price $2.89 cents a crystal. I bought 4 of them. And they are real stones already wrapped. They sell them for people making jewelry and such. I got the wire there as well and paid $2 for a spool of silver and one of copper.

These brooms would also make excellent housewarming or handfasting gifts. Cost me about…OH… twenty two dollars in all. Then an hours time.

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Thursday This Is Your Spell – Witches’ Bottles

April 16, 2009 at 2:36 pm (altar, Associations, Banish, Bottles, Charging, Children, Cleansing, Crystal, Flowers, Folklore, Fun, Healing, Herbs, Kids, Magic, Magic Powders, Magical Stones, pagan, prosperity, Protection, Spells, Thursday, Tools, Witch, Witch Bottle, Witches Bottle, Witchlets)

Witches’ Bottles

There are many legends connected with what are called ‘Witches’ Bottles’….basically a Witches’ Bottle is a jar or bottle that is filled with something while being charged by a spell, and then sealed. They are often used to protect a  house or home, since evil spirits are said to have to stop and count every item in the bottle before they can enter a home. Many things can be used in a bottle of protection … you can use earth, sand, small pebbles, buttons, pins, crushed glass, threads, acorns, etc etc etc (in fact in one X-files episode the writer obviously used this when Agent Fox Mulder was saved from a vampire when the vampire had to stop and count all Fox’s spilled sunflower seeds <LOL>!)

Making A Witches’ Bottle

First select the bottle you want to use. Your bottle maybe clear or tinted. If you’re working with a colored bottle, choose a color that suits what you are doing. Tinted bottles are great for spells that use color correspondences. Once you have a bottle, wash it with warm soapy water, or cleanse it in the ocean. After you have washed it, magically cleanse it and bathe it in the light of the full moon. When the bottle is clean it is time to fill it. There are a lot of options when it comes to contents, such as very sharp objects like nails, pins, safety pins, needles, or sand, for protection from unfriendly forces. Filling a bottle with collected  herbs, resins, leaves, roots, and spices can assist you in creating any number of wards, spells, or talismans. Add a base oil or cider vinegar and you have wonderful gifts for your friends, that will not only enhance their magical life but also their cooking! Another option is filling the bottle with a variety of flower petals selected for their healing properties, attributes, or correspondences to planetary or other forces. (You may want to include a bit of alcohol, vinegar, or olive oil to preserve the flowers.)

As you can see, witches’ bottles have unlimited possibilities, are easy to make, and can be adapted to whatever need you may be trying to fill. Protection, love, health, or even just decoration, this is one of the most versatile tools in a witches’ possession. I am including several different possible creations today. Always remember though, make anything you do yours. No spell or recipe is set in stone, nor should it be. The powers in the world are mutable and adaptable as is any good witch, using what’s at hand to work her magic. These are guidelines. That being said, here are a few examples of possible witches’ bottles you can create : )



* Kid’s Button Bottle *

This is a good craft/spell project for pagan kids. Take an unbreakable jar with a screw on cap – or use a Rubbermaid type container. Have the child place pretty buttons in the bottle all the while saying:

“Button, Button,
Nine times nine,
Protect this house
And room of mine.”

When the jar is full it can then be placed near the door to the house, or better yet under the child’s bed! (You all know a child or two (or an adult <eg>) that is afraid that eviiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll clowns live under the bed!)

Earth Witches’ Bottle

Using your projective hand as a funnel, pour fresh, clean soil into a long, small, clean, sterile bottle or spice jar. While doing so, charge the earth with protection, while chanting the appropriate rhyme of your own creation. Fill to the top. Cap the bottle. Place this near an entrance such as a door or window.

Red Wine Witches’ Bottle


  • rosemary
  • needles & pins
  • small glass jar with tight fitting lid or cork stopper
  • red wine
  • black or red candle (for wax to seal the jar)

Fill the the jar using the rosemary, needles and pins. As you’re filling the jar, say these words…

“Pins, needles, rosemary, wine,
In this witch’s bottle of mine;
Guard against harm and enmity;
This is my will; so Mote it Be!”

When as full of those items as possible, pour in red wine and shake. Seal with black or red wax. If you own your own house, bury this at the furthest most corner of your property. If you rent, place it in an inconspicuous place.

Herbal Witches’ Cleansing Bottle


  • large clear bottle
  • sand
  • dried rosemary
  • dried lemon peel
  • dried sage
  • dry cedar
  • black peppercorns
  • dried lavender
  • dried dill
  • dried bay leaves
  • dried rowan
  • white candle (for wax to seal the jar)

Pour a layer of sand into the bottle, then add the herbs in layers. When the bottle is full, focus cleansing protective energy into the herbs and sand, and see a golden light radiating from the bottle. Visualize the herbs driving away negative influences. Cork and seal the bottle with white wax. Using a permanent marker, draw the Algiz rune


Image from Techno Feng Shui

on one side of the bottle, and on the other side draw a pentagram.


Set the bottle near your front or back door, and every six months, uncap, Pour the herbs out into the woods or your compost heap, and thoroughly wash and dry the bottle before filling it with a new round of herbs.

Binding Spell

This spell is for binding a violent or dangerous person from doing harm. Caution: do not bind someone without very good reason. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Karma or Universal Balance or not. Belief doesn’t change reality. Also when considering a spell like this, remember magic isn’t always clean, pretty or nice…


  • photo of person to be bound


  • a piece of white parchment paper with their whole name written on it in black ink or dove’s blood ink.
  • 18 inches or so of black silken cord or black thick string, like embroidery floss.
  • A small glass jar w/cork lid.
  • A small white candle
  • A small black candle

Light both your candles. Write the name on the paper or take the photograph in hand. Fold the paper or photo into as small of a rectangle as possible. Take the cord in hand and begin to wind it around the rectangle, for a total of nine loops, saying aloud in a clear, strong voice:

I (your name ), bind thee (name of offending person )
from causing harm to (name of victim here),
from exerting control over this person,
from influencing this person.
I bind you from making further plans with this person.
I call upon the angels, Auriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
(or any other guides or deities you prefer.)
to assist me in this righteous cause!
As I will,
So mote it be.

Place the paper into the jar. Urinate into the jar & cork. Seal all around the cork with the black candle wax. Let the candles burn themselves out safely. Place this jar in a place where no one will disturb it. Bury it if you must. Some prefer to keep it on their altar and send energy to it regularly.

House Protection Jar


  • 1 glass jar
  • 1/2 to 1 cup salt
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 9 bay leaves
  • 7 tsp. dried Basil
  • 4 tsp. dill seeds
  • 1 tsp sage
  • 1 tsp anise
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp fennel
  • 1 bowl

In the morning, ideally on a bright sunny day, assemble the items. Place all in the bowl and say:

“Salt that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the cloves of garlic:

“Garlic that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Crumble the Bay leaves and place in the bowl:

“Bay that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the basil and say:

“Basil that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the dill and say:

“Dill that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the sage and say:

“Sage that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the anise and say:

“Anise that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Add the fennel and say:

“Fennel that protects, protect my home and all within.”

Mix together the salt and the herbs with your hands, throughout the movement of your hands and fingers lend energy to the potent protective items, visualize your home safe and as a shining secure place. Pour the mixture in the jar and cap tightly, Place it in your home with these words:

“Salt and herbs, nine times nine
Guard now this home of mine”

Inspiration Jar

Purpose: To bring on inspiration. For creativity.

  • Mason jar
  • Small crystal
  • Dried orange peels (two-thirds)
  • Dried mint (one-third)
  • 2 drops orange essential oil
  • 1 drop mint essential oil
  • Square piece of black cotton fabric
  • Rubber band
  • Orange fabric paint or orange acrylic
  • Orange ribbon

**Note: The color orange is the color of creative energies. The shading (how dark or light the orange is) that you use will denote the level of creative energies you wish to channel. A dark orange will take you deep into the creative energies while a light orange is less intense.
Moon cycle: No moon cycle is selected for this spell because all phases of the moon hold different levels of creative energies, including the dark moon. If you follow moon phases, choose the cycle that fits your purpose best.

Gather ingredients. With a clean and dry jar before you, place the mint first and then the orange peels inside, filling it up about two-thirds of the way. Add two drops of orange essential oil and one drop mint essential oil. More if you are using a large mason jar. Stir ingredients together. Take the small crystal in your hand and say something such as:

“Creativity come to me
In whispers and dreams
And visions that gleam.”

Place the crystal inside the jar with the potpourri. For the lid, cover the opening of the jar with black fabric so that the side of the fabric hangs down over the edges about 2 inches. With a pencil, mark the center top of the fabric. Take the fabric off the jar, lie it flat on a hard surface. Using orange paint, acrylic or fabric paint, paint on a spiral. (for those of you who are like me – can trip over a breeze…while the paint is drying, cover the jar temporarily with a lid so that it doesn’t get spilled. )


  • Spiral: The spiral is a symbol of the dance of life. It shows the continuous cycle of ourselves going inward (within ourselves/our psyche) and then going outward (expressing ourselves).
  • Black: The black fabric in this spell is used as an absorption color. Black absorbs all colors, all energies. By placing the orange spiral on this we are signifying just what those energies are that the black is absorbing, all creative energies.

Once the paint is dry, place the fabric on the jar once again. The spiral should now be on the centered top of the jar’s mouth. Holding the fabric in place, wrap the rubber band around the sides to hold it in place. Next, tie the orange ribbon overtop of the rubber band. Keep this inspiration jar in your work area, where you can smell it’s inspiring scents – where you do your writing, painting, drawing, or keep it by your bed to bring on inspiring dreams.

Money Jar


  • paper & pen
  • seven dimes
  • quart jar with screw-on lid
  • bay leaf

Write your need on the paper and drop it into the jar. Take 7 dimes in your dominate hand and place them one by one into the jar. As each one drops, visualize it multiplying into huge amounts and say:

“Toward this wish, the money grows
by leaps and bounds – it overflows.
Coins that jingle, coins that shine
come to me now – you are mine.”

Write your name on the bay leaf and drop it into the jar. Screw on the lid and place the jar where you can see it everyday, but where it is not visible to everyone who enters your home. Add a coin or two to the jar each day, and watch as money flows to you from unexpected sources. After you obtain the money you need, remove the paper and bury it outside.

Sacred Salt Jar

This is not only great to have for oneself, but it makes a nice gift to someone special if you happen to know what scents they like or stones they like. Since what you put into it is “yours”, it is like giving a part of yourself, too. This mixture is excellent to charge stones in and to “simmer energies”. Once it has blended for a few months, a pinch can be added to rituals, etc., bathwater or as a gift to Mother Earth. You can also make a “starter salt” as a gift for a friend. You can also give of your own sacred salt mixture to a special friend to help blend powers and energies when they make their own  sacred salt mixture : )  The mixture should be made and kept in a covered stone or Earthen jar, but can be made and kept in a covered glass jar until you find one that is suitable. There are different schools of thought on what kind of salt to use. Some use rock salt, some Earth salt and some sea salt, some even use normal table salt. Whatever salt you use, make sure that it is “natural” and not iodized.

Blend the salt with chopped or ground herbs, tiny crystals, small stones, nuts seeds,  jewelry, locks of hair, ground incense and a few drops of your favorite oils, anything that you wish. Even rose petals and other flowers. When you have cleansed and charged stones and crystals by sun and Moon, place them in this mixture to store until you wish to use them or give them as gifts.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions / recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog

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Monday Make A – Magical Crystal Ostara Eggs

March 16, 2009 at 1:06 pm (Basket, Crafts, Crystal, Eggs, Fun, Kids, Magic, Magical Stones, Monday, Ostara, pagan, Witch)

How To Make Magical Crystal Ostara Eggs
By Patti Wigington,

This is a neat craft project you can make before Ostara. Hide these eggs for your kids to find, and then when they crack them open, they can find the treasure hidden inside!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varied 
You’ll need:

  • 1 C. all-purpose flour
  • ½ C. salt
  • ¼ C. clean sand
  • 1 C. used coffee grounds
  • ¾ C. warm water
  • Crystals or gemstones
  • Non-stick cooking spray
  • Acrylic paints in your favorite colors

Blend flour, salt, sand and coffee grounds together. Gradually add the water, and knead until you’ve got a thick, gritty dough. Spray a crystal lightly with non-stick cooking spray, and place it in the center of a small scoop of dough. Shape the dough around the crystal to form an egg shape. Bake the eggs at 350 for about 15 minutes, and allow to cool. Once they’ve cooled, they should be nice and hard, like a rock. Paint the eggs, and allow paint to dry. Hide the eggs on Ostara, and let your kids crack them open to reveal the hidden crystals!


Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions / recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog

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Saturday Special Stones – Precious & Semi-Precious Stones

February 21, 2009 at 1:02 pm (Associations, Fun, Lore, Magic, Magical Stones, pagan, Saturday, Witch)

Precious & Semiprecious Stones

To generate power, the stones listed below must be authentic, but they needn’t be flawless or expensive.  Unpolished semiprecious stones are available for a few cents each; un-faceted stones can be bought for a dollar  or two. (Rock and craft shops are good places to find these gems.)

Amber beads are a strong protection against rheumatism. In any form, the stone wards off evil spirits, especially from children.
Worn in earrings, it brings love. Worn or carried anywhere else, it brings hope to the oppressed and protects travelers.
Engrave a frog on a piece of beryl and set the stone in gold. Anyone who touches the engraving will find its owner irresistible.
Coral loses its color when a friend is dying. It’s also another protector of children.
Worn on the left hand, a diamond repels wild beasts and evil men. It’s also a generally lucky gem, and insures fidelity in a lover.
An emerald set in gold helps its owner see into the future. Alone, it strengthens the memory and prevents possession by evil spirits.
This stone brings good health and is a powerful protection against nightmares.
Another protection from nightmares, as well as the bearer of general good fortune.
Lapis Lazuli
Worn as beads, it protects against black magic (as do all blue stones). In any form, it wards off melancholy and insomnia.
If a woman in love places a moonstone in her mouth during the full moon, she can see what the future holds for her and her beloved.
This stone protects a marriage from intruders; however, it can cause friends to quarrel.
While pearls improve the skin, cure fevers and bring tranquility; black pearls carry bad luck.
One of witchcraft’s favorite stones, sapphires are reputed to bring peace, happiness, and to protect the eyes.
To cure a chest or rheumatic complaint, wear a topaz around the neck. Worn or carried anyplace else, it helps to locate buried treasure.
To patch up a quarrel between a husband and wife, give either spouse something made of turquoise; it brings peace to married life.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions / recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Saturday Special Stones – Garnet

October 11, 2008 at 3:10 pm (Garnet, History, Lore, Magic, Magical Stones, prosperity, Protection, Saturday, Witch)



Garnets are found in the U.S. in Arizona and largely in Idaho. The Garnet Queen Mine in Idaho produces a highly saturated dark red garnet. Arizona is known for a garnet ranging in color and clarity from fiery red to reddish lavender. Other states that have notable occurrences of garnet include: New Mexico, Utah, Arkansas and Kentucky. This stone is also found around the world. Africa, including Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Mozambique produces significant amounts of this gem. It is also mined in Bavaria, Germany, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Sri Lanka, the Ural Mountains in Russia, and Brazil, as well as India, Madagascar, Bohemia, Switzerland, Scotland, Asia, Saxony, Canada, Pakistan, Burma and Mexico. Garnet gets it’s name from the Latin word "granatum" meaning seed or grain. It took on this name for it’s similarity in looks to a pomegranate seed. Pomegranate’s association and symbolism with garnet has been a long standing one and has been referenced and related to in many works of literature up to and including those of Greek Mythology – the most notable reference involving Hades and Persephone.The most popular color Garnet is known for is a deep maroon or dark red color but garnet is a family of gems that come in many different colors (excluding blue). Throughout history some garnets have been mistaken for rubies because of their tendency to exhibit a different shade of color when viewed from different directions under certain light conditions. Garnet is a semiprecious stone that is brilliant in jewelry. In Europe, they were worked into jewelry a good deal, especially in the Victorian period. Genuine Bohemian garnet jewelry was traditionally set with a large number of small stones, which were close to one another like the seeds of a pomegranate, with their red sparkle. And today too, garnets are still found in former Czechoslovakia and when used in jewelry, set close together according to the old tradition.

The legends surrounding garnet show the long standing history of it’s healing properties and garnet was also among the first semiprecious stones to be mentioned in writings in ancient times. Garnet has been known as the stone which was the source of illumination for Noah in the Ark to light the path and the inside of the boat. It is also noted that Crusaders adorned themselves with garnets as protection in battle and a symbol of safe return to their loved ones. The garnet is also one of the twelve stones, that represent today’s birthstones, that adorn the breastplate of the high priest Aaron, and Garnet is also believed to have been worn by King Solomon in times of battle. In the 13th century Garnets were worn to repel insects, and some Asiatic tribes once used garnets as bullets, believing that the red stone would cause a more deadly wound than a leaden bullet. There has been said to exist a village of "lake dwellers" around the area now known as Europe who fashioned neck ornaments from it – jewelry has been found that dates back to the Bronze Age (~3000 BC). It also has a deep history with warriors and journeyers. It’s rich mythical and historical background contribute to the brilliance of it’s beauty. Garnet has long been associated with fire and illumination for many ancient cultures and has been used by various Indian tribes to enhance the potency of fire and to heal and enlighten their people. Among these tribal groups are Mayans, Aztecs, certain African tribes, Native American and South American Indians. It has also been said that garnet has been ground up into a soft silky mass and heated to act as a medicinal remedy for fever. Eastern Indians rubbed garnet on themselves in order to obtain their glowing qualities.  Garnet has also been said to light the palace of the medieval monarch of Abyssinia.  It has been known to be buried, in jewelry form (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and amulets) with the dead of Scandinavia to light their passage to the next life. In early writings garnet had been mistaken for rubies and were said to fend off evil spirits. Garnet has also been noted to adorn the belongings of powerful royalty. Some of these include the wives of the Russian Czars, Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Mary Queen of Scots. Documentation of ancient jewelry containing garnet has been found among remains located in Sweden between 1100 and 2000 B.C., in Samaria around 2300 B.C. and in Egypt in 3100 B.C. As early as the later years of 400 B.C., garnet jewelry was found in Greece. More specifically, signet rings found (in this area of Europe) were discovered. It is believed that Greeks were the first to use garnet at this capacity. Garnet has also been documented as a largely admired treasure in Greece during the 3rd and 4th centuries. As mentioned previously, garnet had been found as early as 3100 B.C. in Egypt. It has further been noted that early Egyptians frequently used garnet in amulets and talismans. Garnet was also believed to buried within the tombs of the dead for protection and light through the passage of after death experience.

Garnet is believed to have served many medicinal purposes some of which were recorded throughout Medieval History. Documents dating from this time period state that garnets had been believed to protect one from poisons. Other sicknesses were believed to be cured by garnet including those dealing with blood and infection. Garnet is called the "stone of health", as it is a powerful healing stone (especially green garnets). Only clear Garnets, cut and polished should be used for healing. Garnet has also been known (by ancient Egyptians and others) to purify the body of toxins such as venoms, intestinal and blood poisons. It’s protective capacities revolve around defending against anything that can bring tension to the mind body or spirit of an individual, up to and including protection from nightmares, fever, wound infection, sorrow, anxiety, infidelity and even car accidents. Because of the shared similarities in physical and compositional traits, the garnet family of stones (for the most part) also share similar healing properties. In light of the above, the different colors and different chemistries of garnet varieties allow them to have some healing properties exclusive to that particular crystal. Green garnets are healing crystals that bring aide in meditation and focus. Orange garnets are associated with energy of commitment and can help an individual to solemnly dedicate themselves to any endeavor that captures the need for awaited attention. Purple-colored garnets possess the tenacity to lessen subtle anxieties and stress brought on by worry and unrest. They also help stabilize a mind in turmoil. The most common form of garnets readily available and more commonly known are the various shades of red. Red garnets, like many red crystals are associated with passion. Often called the "Passion Stone", red garnets represent love. The loving powers of garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion, bringing  the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding. They are used to stimulate your desires, increase your sexual appetite, rekindle feelings and renew love. Though many red stones are found to heal the slings and arrows that love throws our way, it is not necessarily the sole healing function of this and other red healing gems. Along with being a gem that ignites and refuels the red fires of passion and romance, it also sets ablaze the inner fires of self-confidence, creativity and reflection. Since anger causes the body’s physical temperature to increase, the opposing fire of positive energy from which garnet burns, can be used against tantrums and episodes of angst. As its color strongly resembles that of menstrual blood, Garnet is known as the stone of fertility. Women often wore it around their waist to help with their menstrual cycle. It also is used to help in circulation and the clotting of the blood. Used by ancient cultures, it has also been used to treat paralysis and exhaustion,and for detoxing and strengthening one’s blood. Garnet has also been identified by healers as another of the vivid dreaming stones and one of past remembrance. Garnet’s emotional and mental healing associated with purification, regeneration and warmth also carry over to it’s qualities of physical healing. As a healer and protector from toxins, garnet is recognized as a remedy in the body’s fight against food poisoning and blood toxicity. It is also known for aiding in treatments against infection of the kidney, lung and facial (irritations, inflammation and blemishes) area. The garnet family is also an aid to therapy for disorders of the heart (including low blood pressure), bones and spine, blood, pulmonary and even sleeping disorders. It has even been noted to provide gallstone relief and also work down to a cellular level. Because of it’s warming energies, it is also used therapeutically for frostbite, aching muscles, arthritis and other discomforts relating to the joints. In early history, recordings of garnet use to treat jaundice and yellow fever were made.  Today, garnet is still used by healers to treat fever and even balance antibodies and hormones.

One of the major characteristics of garnet is that it is known as a purifier. Among it’s most powerful healing abilities is as a cleanser of the bodies energies. It is used actively by spiritual healers to cleanse any type of toxins within the body and/or spirit. Not only does it renew and purify it takes purification to the next level by revitalizing and restoring a broken or damaged spirit. Garnet is widely recognized as a spiritual stone that heals and intensifies relationships. It is, however, sometimes overlooked that (aside from healing and intensifying) garnet also can transmute a relationship to a higher, more spiritual level. The garnet provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality during use. It can be used to bring order to chaos. Garnet is the ideal stone for the protection of love and spirituality and it’s symbol as an amulet of guardianship is longstanding. This stone is especially useful in magic done to keep wife, mother and family safe. Garnet is continually used to purify and heal – spiritual healing with garnet as an aide can help to increase the will to accept and flourish in life. It is worn for extra strength, both physical and emotional – it strengthens the aura and creates a shield of highly charged positive vibrations which repels negative energies. It is said to protect against thieves, (for example, a would-be mugger might pass you by because of the bad vibes you (to his senses) would emit, thus protecting you). If obtained unlawfully, a Garnet stone or amulet will bear a curse upon the wearer until it is returned to its lawful owner. Garnet amulets protect the wearer from all dangers while traveling, and according to traditional beliefs, it also protects the wearer against lightning. Garnet is often exchanged between parting friends to ensure they meet again – when given as a gift to a friend, it is a symbol of happiness and loyalty. Garnets are known to help calm anger especially anger directed toward the self, as well as sharpening self perception. Garnet in general facilitates access to spiritual planes,and so it assists astral travel and clairvoyance, plus it enhances greater vision, psychic awareness, dreams and wisdom and are used as talismans against bad dreams and depression. Sleeping with a Garnet will protect you from bad dreams and will also help you to remember your dreams. They bring to one better balance, luck, success and increased self esteem. Carry a garnet amulet with you to allow you to express emotions with a  greater ease and to encourage honesty with self. Carrying a Garnet also enhances one’s internal fire, bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation. Use Garnet in fire, water and Mars magic. Garnet draws happiness, power, possessions and peace. It aids with patience, persistence, sexuality and purification. Use garnet to help align the emotional body to the spiritual body. Garnet is a good balancer of the yin/yang energies.  Make a Garnet the center of a wreath to help protect your home against storms.  Garnet is thought to assist in seeing into past incarnations.  Garnet can also be worn or used in magic to enhance the body’s strength. Garnet attracts abundance, and success, especially in business ventures. When engraved with the symbol of a lion, Garnet is a powerful amulet for attracting good health and success. An ancient Greco-Roman tradition claims that when engraved with the image of a dragon and worn as a talisman, the garnet brings riches, joy, and good health. It continually remains a symbol today of faith, truth and light.


Sarah the Swampwitch

Jewelry Supplier


Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Saturday Special Stones – Amber

September 20, 2008 at 8:48 pm (Amber, Magic, Magical Stones, pagan, Saturday, Witch)

Amber compiled by Sarah the Swamp Witch


Amber is not a stone, but a fossil resin from pine trees (Pinus succinifera)of the Oligocene period 30 million years ago. Most amber is golden yellow to golden orange. Some amber has been found to contain red, blue, or green hues. Transparent to translucent it usually occurs as nodules or small, irregularly shaped masses, often with a cracked and weathered surface. Amber may contain insects, moss, lichen, or pine needles that were trapped millions of years ago while the resin was still sticky.

Amber can be found in the Baltic region of Poland and the former USSR. Amber has been found on the coasts of England, Norway, and Denmark. Other localities include the Dominican Republic, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Canada, Czechoslovakia, and the USA. The Baltic amber is considered by gemologists and mineralogists to possibly be the best of the ambers. True amber is pre-Jurassic, any amber that is younger than that is called Copal.

Beware of melted and artificially molded amber being sold as the original fossil amber. This is due the steadily "declining" size of pieces of amber found in the Baltic region, especially after the Soviet "mining" of the former Soviet occupied Lithuanian and Latvian shorelines. Be prepared to pay quite a bit for genuine, unprocessed amber. And if it has a bug in it, expect to pay even more.


Amber is a powerful healing stone with a large amount of organic energy. Amber emits a sunny and bright soothing energy which helps to calm nerves and to enliven the disposition. The different colors of amber may be used on the appropriate chakras to facilitate opening and cleansing. Amber allows the body to heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

Amber is useful in healings related to purification; releasing fluids from the body; digestive track; memory loss; eccentric behavior; anxiety; inability to make decisions; thyroid; hepatitis; fertility, pregnancy and childbirth; inner ear; neuro-tissue; endocrine system; eyes; spleen; heart; nerves; depression; rheumatic fever; asthma and hay fever; tiredness; and infections. In ancient times, amber was ground into a powder and mixed with honey or oil of roses for various physical problems. They also at one time made pipe stems from amber in the belief that the gem did not retain germs and was antiseptic. Many people swore that wearing an amber pendant relieved arthritis, and fought infection and respiratory illnesses. Amber was thought to be especially good for all types of throat ailments, earaches, toothaches, and asthma, which were treated by burning Amber powder and sniffing the smoke. This also was said to stop a nosebleed.

Amber cleanses the environment in which it rests and is an excellent mineral for use in purifying birthing and re-birthing rooms. It also acts to purify one’s body, mind, and spirit when worn, carried, or used as an elixir. Because it was thought to be purifying, in ancient times amber was used as a penicillin-type remedy, ground and ingested or soaked and subsequently drunk. Amber is an excellent detoxification and offers protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and others’ energies.


Amber is dedicated to the connection of the conscious self to universal perfection. It helps one in the art of manifestation to bring that which is desired to a state of reality. It stimulates the intellect and opens the crown chakra. It also transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love. Amber provides an energy to kindle the realization and subsequent response of choice — helping one to choose and be chosen.

Amber aligns the ethereal energies to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, providing for an even flow of perfect order to the requirements of the Earth plane while balancing the electro-magnetics of the physical body. Since it is Electromagnetic, Amber helps the body heal itself by absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy, thus helping to calm the nerves and enliven the disposition. By the energy of its color, it aids in the making of correct choices – it aligns mental and emotional bodies via orange and yellow.

Amber can help restore energy and help one cast off negative energies. One way to do this is to surround yourself with an amber circle or put Amber in water and then soak in the water. Amber is electrically alive with solidified golden light. It stabilizes kundalini awakening and spiritualizes the intellect.


Only the pearl is older than Amber in use as jewelry and Amulets – Amber talismans have been found in Stone Age archaeological deposits. Amber was heavily traded by the Phoenicians. It is a sacred stone to both the Native Americans and Eastern Indians. Different cultures had myths about how Amber was formed. A Roman author said that amber was Lynx Urine. The Greeks said that amber was the juice or essence of the brilliant rays of the setting sun congealed in the sea. In Classical myths, Amber was said to originate from the tears of nymphs over the death of Phaeton (the child of Phoebus who drove the sun chariot out of control).

Because Amber often contains plant and insect parts, many of the ancient cultures gave it special magical properties. In Denmark, pieces found with depressions in them were thought to be the resting place of spirits. In most cultures, Amber was thought to possess life due to the inclusion of insects and its warmth to the touch. In ancient times, Amber was sacred to Mother Goddess worshipers, because of its animating principle of containing the essence of life. The relationship between magic and Amber continues today. In some contemporary Wiccan covens women (usually the HPS) wear necklaces consisting of amber and jet, with the two stone representing the Goddess and the God, the feminine and masculine principles. Because of it being once a part of a living substance, Amber is often associated with Akasha, or Spirit, the fifth element of the pentagram that binds the other four elements together.


Amber’s high electrical charge for positive energy makes this a very effective stone for use in magic. Even having a piece of amber on the altar can increase effectiveness of magic and spellwork. In Norway, it was thought that amber carved in the shape of animals improves its power. Amber has these Magical Attributes:

  • Protection
  • Love, fertility, and Community harmony and peace
  • Beauty, joy, inner peace, healing, strength, and mental clarity
  • Luck, money, and success
  • The Sun and Fire


* PROTECTION: Amber has been highly prized as a protective substance since prehistoric times. It has often been made into amulets to protect against witchcraft, sorcery and poisons. Amber was also burned, beginning in the medieval days, as a fumigant and as an incense to clear the environment of negativity and to protect the area. Amber absorbs negative energy, and helps to ground you to the earth plane thereby providing good protection for a sensitive person. Amber is considered protective when worn, especially in safeguarding children. Amber is also a favorite among many Magical people for necklaces, to symbolize the sacred circle and to provide the protection of that circle. If an Amber talisman is shaped as a phallus, it is said to be especially good against the evil eye and evil spirits. If you feel you are being subjected to heavy negativity, light a white candle and place it on the ground or floor. Sit before the candle with a handful of small amber beads or pieces, and using them, create a circle around yourself. Sit within the circle while restoring your energy and closing yourself to any and all outside influences. Repeat as necessary. Another method of using Amber for protection is to place nine small beads or pieces of amber into a bath of very warm water. Soak in the tub until the water cools, then retrieve the amber, towel off, and carry or wear one of the beads or pieces until your next bath. This will also protect you from negative magic.

* LOVE, FERTILITY, AND COMMUNITY HARMONY AND PEACE: Amber is a sensual, warm to the touch, magnetic stone that attracts love. Wear amber to attract warm, loyal, and generous people into your life; especially if that amber is worn near the heart. Amber can be worn to bring a soul mate. Amber has been used as a symbol for renewal of marriage vows and to assure promises, and it facilitates family bonding. Amber is also a stone that can be used in fertility magic. In the East, amber amulets were worn in the shapes of lions, dogs, frogs and fish in order to increase fertility. It was also believed that amber helped woman in labor. On a more worldwide plain, amber can be used to bring about harmony and to encourage world peace.

* BEAUTY, JOY, INNER PEACE, HEALING, STRENGTH, AND MENTAL CLARITY: Amber can be used for beauty spells – both the kind for outer beauty and also those for inner beauty. Carry amber on your person to lend logic or wit to a difficult situation, to make your mind clear and to give you inner peace. Amber can be used in spells done to calm hyperactivity and stressed nerves, and to help you find humor and joy in your life. Because amber has a high electrical charge of positive energy, it can be used to harmonize yin and yang. Amber also can be used to enhance artistic qualities, help overcome obstacles, relieve grief and melancholy, bring greater awareness of inner self, provide strength, and convey harmony. Mixed with turquoise, amber is reminiscent of Sky Father or the sun in the sky, and this combination of stone energies may be used successfully to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system. Amber is a very powerful stone to use in healing rituals. Since it is actually fossilized tree sap, many folk healers fell amber is the best stone to lay against an afflicted area of the body to entrap sickness.

* LUCK, MONEY AND SUCCESS: Amber is considered a bringer of good luck – it has even been said to bring good luck to warriors before battles. Amber has magnet like qualities and can be used to draw money, power, and success. If you knock on wood three times with a natural piece of amber you can call on the spirits of the trees for special favors. To increase your prosperity, sew amber and turquoise along with several coins in a coyote skin pouch and bury the pouch in the earth. Amber also can be used to have success in judicial matters.

* THE SUN AND FIRE: Amber is a stone of the sun and the fire. It has long been used in the fire ceremonies of ancient tribal healers. The golden color of amber is associated with the sun, and with the solar plexus Chakra. In Middle Eastern belief the Chakras are the connections of the soul to the body, and the main "entry" point is the solar plexus Chakra. As such, the Higher Self connects to the physical self through this Chakra, and the wearing of amber will strengthen this connection.

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this blog. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Saturday Special Stones – Ruby

September 13, 2008 at 3:06 pm (Magic, Magical Stones, Ruby, Saturday, Witch)

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red. The red of the ruby is incomparable: warm and fiery. Only very few ruby crystals were given the good conditions in which they could grow undisturbed to considerable sizes and crystallize to form perfect gemstones. Millions of years ago, when the gemstones were being created deep inside the core of the Earth, chrome was the element which gave the ruby its wonderful color. But at the same time it was also responsible for causing a multitude of fissures and cracks inside the crystals. Today, the Mong Hsu gemstone mines are still among the most important ruby suppliers. Ruby deposits also exist in neighbouring Vietnam, near the Chinese border. Other ruby deposits are located in Northern Pakistan in the Hunza Valley, Kashmir, Tadzhikistan, Laos, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Rubies are also produced in India, where deposits with relatively large crystals were discovered in the federal states of Mysore and Orissa, in Thailand, and in Mogok in the North of Myanmar. Here, the country’s famous ruby deposits lie in a mountain valley surrounded by high peaks. Painstakingly, gemstones of an irresistible luminosity are brought to light in the ‘valley of the rubies’. Unfortunately, really fine qualities are quite rare even here. A few US states, Montana and the Carolinas, have also discovered rubies. More recently, people have begun to talk about East Africa as a source of rubies.

For thousands of years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent color, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. In addition to that, it is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in its finer qualities. Some ancient cultures believed that rubies, as well as other gemstones, grew on trees, just like fruit. The rubies would begin budding as small white gems, and would slowly grow and ripen, turning red in the light of the sun. When the ruby was saturated with red color, it was ready to be plucked. “A drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth” is how the ruby is described in the Orient. Ruby is deemed to be the most precious of gemstones by the Bible and the ancient Sanskrit writings. This stone was given as offerings to Buddha in China and Krishna in India. The Indians call the ruby Ratnanayaka, the lord of the gemstones. In ancient India, whenever a particularly beautiful ruby crystal was found, the ruler sent high dignitaries out to meet the precious gemstone and welcome it in appropriate style. The Hindus called the ruby the king of precious stones and the leader of gems. They used to divide rubies into castes, much like social classes. Rubies were sorted into upper class, middle class, and lower class in terms of flawlessness and beauty. In China, a Mandarin’s rank was indicated by the color of the stone in his ruby ring. A red jewel stone meant he was a key figure among the great. Also in China, and Europe as well, in the 10th century, dragons and snakes were carved in their surfaces to increase the flow of money and power to their owners. In the 1880’s, French jewelers called the ruby the gem of gems or the dearly loved stone. Early Burmese people believed that it would make an individual invulnerable if inserted into their flesh. Another belief was that a ruby can forewarn an owner of impending doom. The first wife of King Henry VIII is said to have foretold her impending demise from the darkening of her ruby.

Ruby intensifies the life force energy that we all possess, stimulating the will to live and enhancing our innate survival instinct. Ruby is said to alleviate chronic fatigue and calm hyperactivity. It also may help overcome diseases caused by environmental toxins. They are said to benefit the heart and circulatory system, and to help detoxify the blood and body. Ruby works with the flow of blood as an aid to circulation aiding the cleansing and removal of infection or germs in the blood, treating fever, diseases, and easing restricted blood flow. They are good for the heart and circulatory system and stimulate the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen. The Ruby may be worn in jewelry, but never close to the solar plexus, as the Ruby has a disquieting effect upon it. In a ring wear it on your left hand.

The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. Ruby is a stone of passion. Care must be taken when using this crystal, because it can bring negativity and anger to the surface. Ruby should be used with knowledge of how to gain from the experiences it brings. Allow the anger or negativity to come to the surface, then let it dispel, never to trouble you again. Be purified by the experience, not overwhelmed. Ruby can also amplify positive energies. It is said to boost the positive aspects that you already possess. Use these reserves of positive energies to help you overcome the negative energies that ruby might allow to surface. It is said to stimulate visualization and motivation. This effect can allow you to be more realistic in your expectations, and more honest in your intentions. The Ruby is filled with love. It also helps sexual love to be more passionate, and can help to cleanse and stimulate the heart to help in matters of love. (This effect includes love of self). Ruby is used to attract love and romance and to seal a marriage. It can help you overcome the fear of rejection, allowing you to pursue love more openly. At the same time, it can help you gain control over amorous desires, tempering them with more realistic expectations. It is also used to increase wealth, protect against negativity, enemies, magical manipulation, storms, sadness and nightmares. A ruby can be placed on the altar during ritual or worn by the spellworker to increase the energies available to the them. It is worn to banish sadness, negative thought patterns, fear and to produce joy, stronger will power, and confidence.

Placed under the pillow or worn to bed it assures restful sleep undisturbed by nightmares. Ruby will draw wealth to you if you keep one in each room of your home. When you feel you don’t know what path to take or you are stuck in a rut of any kind, (work, love etc.), keep a ruby with you for three days and you will know what you should do. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty. Like no other gemstone, the ruby is the perfect way to express powerful feelings. Instead of symbolizing a calm, controlled affection, a ring set with a precious ruby bears witness to that passionate, unbridled love that people can feel for each other. The ruby, the king of the gemstones. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler.


Full Moon Magic Crystals

Emily Gems


Gemstone Magic

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Saturday Special Stones – Obsidian

September 6, 2008 at 1:32 pm (Magical Stones, Obsidian, Saturday)

Picture from dkimages 

Discovered by Obsius in Ethiopia, obsidian is named after him. With its glassy luster, obsidian is a distinctive stone, formed as lava from volcanic eruptions cools within the earth. The speed at which it cools prevents crystallization and the rock forms as solid volcanic glass. Obsidian can be found anywhere that volcanic activity has occurred. Some of its important sources today are South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Italy, Scotland, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Texas, Utah and Idaho. It can also be found in the Cascade Volcanic Mountain range and its associated lava beds, which stretch from Northern California into Washington state. The San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona produces an interesting banded variety of obsidian known as “Apache Tears”. The obsidians of Mount Hekla in Iceland, the Eolie Islands off the coast of Italy, and Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming are all well-known occurrences. Obsidian is a volcanic rock with vitreous luster, found most commonly in black, but can also be found in light brown, brown mottled with black, and black with a beautiful golden or silvery sheen. Snowflake obsidian is dotted with white patches where parts of the rock have begun to crystallize. The most prized obsidian by gemologists is the rainbow obsidian variety with purple, green and gold bands of sheen.
Obsidian was revered by ancient cultures. It was one of the major barter materials, and prized for its ability to be worked to razor-sharp edges for arrows and spears. It has been used since prehistoric times for making tools, masks, weapons, mirrors and jewelry. Obsidian has been used for thousands of years for tool making. In 1967 archaeologists working at the site of Tlapacoya, southeast of Mexico City, uncovered a well-made blade of obsidian associated with a radiocarbon date of about 21,000 BC. Sharp shards of obsidian were formed into arrowheads by Indians, who obtained large quantities of obsidian from Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National park. Legend goes that it is the hardened tears of the Apache women who watched their brave warriors escape capture by leaping off the buttes of a mountain now called “Apache Leap”.  The Aztecs used a great deal of obsidian for tools, including sacrificial knives, the eyes of their gods (in carvings), and even mirrors. Obsidian is used for dating of other artifacts. Obsidian weathers slowly at a uniform rate, and the thickness of the weathered layer is measured microscopically and gauged against known standards to give a date in years.  Obsidian has also been used for jewelry for centuries.
Obsidian is said to beneficially influence stomach and intestines, as well as to connect the mind to the emotions. It’s slightly masculine energy helps grounds spiritual energy into the physical plane. It absorbs and disperses negativity, reduces stress, and helps clear subconscious blocks. Obsidian can brings and understanding of silence and “the void.” It can also bring one detachment, but with wisdom and love. This stone will cleanse toxins from the liver and so it is also good for people who are exposed to environmental pollutants.
Because of its protective qualities, Obsidian is a good stone for those who are soft-hearted and gentle. It will help to guard them against abuse as well as  prevent emotional draining by others. Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression and is used to help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility – as a  very powerful protective stone, it creates a great shield of protection around the wearer. Obsidian arrowheads are very strong protection. It is associated with the inner mysteries of the Goddess, symbolizing entrance to the labyrinth, the womb or the subconscious self, and as such strengthens prophesy – obsidian is often used for gaining clear insight into problems. Do not exchange obsidians with another, the stone absorbs the being of the wearer and can serve as a link for manipulation or negativity. Used in protective rituals, it helps ground the wearer. It will also help you let go of past loves and old ways. It is said to stimulate the desire to travel. A small black obsidian in each corner of your house will bring protection to it.
Polished pieces of black obsidian have been used for scrying and can be used for divination, as it reflects changes that need to take place, providing also a clear course of action for that change to occur. It also teaches that challenges are necessary to growth and allows us to see more clearly into our very essence, creating a doorway to the inner-self. Obsidian also teaches perfection through liberation, by developing responsibility for ourselves, the Earth and the Universe. It creates harmony by balancing emotional and mental aspects of our lives, and it is nurturing, helping us to accept life changes. 
Rainbow Obsidian: karmic healing, past life regressions, illuminates darkened self, grounds negativity, releases joy and energy.
Snowflake Obsidian: restful and serene energy, peace, balance. Helps us recognize negative patterns of thought and change them.
Emily Gems
Amethyst Galleries’ Mineral Gallery
Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Saturday Special Stones – Peridot

August 30, 2008 at 11:49 am (Autum Equinox, Dreams, History, Lore, Love, Mabon, Magic, Magical Stones, pagan, Peridot, prosperity, Saturday, Witch)

Picture from The Mystic Eye

The name of the gemstone peridot is believed to come from either the Arabic word faridat meaning “gem” or the French word peritot meaning “unclear.” It is also claimed to be derived from the Greek word ‘peridona’, which means something like ‘to give richness’.  The peridot is one of the few gemstones which comes in one color only. The rich, green color with the slight tinge of gold is caused by very fine traces of iron – the intensity of the color depends on the amount of iron actually present. The color itself can vary over all shades of yellowish green and olive, and even to a brownish green. Peridot cat’s eyes and star peridot are particularly rare and precious. The most beautiful stones come from the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the peridot as a gemstone also exists in Myanmar, China, the USA, Africa and Australia. Stones from East Burma, now known as Myanmar, have a vivid light green and fine inclusions with a silky shine to them. Peridot from Arizona, where it is popularly used in native American jewelry, often has somewhat yellowish or gold-brown nuances. The earliest recorded production of peridot was in about 70 A.D. from St. Johns Island in the Red Sea, about 54 kilometers off the coast of Egypt, which was lost for centuries and rediscovered about1900. Almost all of the earliest known peridot gems came from this location and small amounts of material are still being produced from there today. Peridot was mined for over 3,500 years on St Johns Island, and It has now been mostly exhausted.  Having said that, the peridot is also a thoroughly modern gemstone, for it was not until a few years ago that peridot deposits were located in the Kashmir region; and the stones from those deposits, being of an incomparably beautiful color and transparency, have succeeded in giving a good polish to the image of this beautiful gemstone, which had paled somewhat over the millennia.
Peridot has been adored since ancient times and has been valued for centuries – the peridot is a very old gemstone, and one which has become very popular again today. It is so ancient that it can be found in Egyptian jewelry from the early 2nd millennium B.C., and ancient papyri record the mining of these stones as early as 1500 BC. Ancient Egyptians knew it as “the gem of the sun,” although they believed its seekers might not find it in sunlight. (Because of their brightness in the desert sun, the stones were supposedly invisible by daylight.) The ancient Romans too were fond of this gemstone and esteemed its radiant green shine, which does not change even in artificial light, but rather the stone glows a brilliant green. For that reason they nicknamed it the ’emerald of the evening’ and rings of peridot were worn to relieve depression. People in the Middle Ages wore peridot to gain foresight and divine inspiration. Legend has it that pirates favored peridot to protect them against evil. It was greatly prized by Egyptian Kings, and some of Cleopatra’s emeralds were in fact peridots. Anciently, large chunks of peridot were found in Hawaii, where peridot symbolizes the goddess Pele’s tears. (Some Hawaiian beaches are packed with tiny grains of peridot that are too small to cut.) These large chunks found their way to the the Egyptians, who made small drinking vessels out of them. They were used in rituals, and the priests would drink soma from them. The soma would put them in touch with the nature goddess, Isis. (Legend has it that King Solomon traded many cedar trees from Lebanon for 12 soma drinking cups and 144 liters of soma. The Egyptians made this trade for ramp logs to build their pyramids at Gisa. King Solomon was said to have been made wise and enlightened by the drinking of soma from the peridot cups.)
In the middle ages, Europeans brought peridot stones back from the Crusades to decorate church plates and robes. and it can be found in Europe in medieval churches, where it adorns many a treasure. An example – one of the shrines in Cologne Cathedral, where one famous large peridot gem adorning the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the cathedral was for centuries, believed to be an emerald. It was only identified as peridot late in the last century.) Once upon a time, ecclesiastical treasures in European cathedrals included some fine, large peridots, but wars and pillage have dispersed many of them. Peridot was also known to ancient Hebrews and is listed both as one of the stones used by Aaron and found in the text of the apocalypse (Revelations). Several experts believe that the second gemstone in Aaron’s breastplate was a peridot. (The breast plates of Solomon and the High Priest Aaron were said to carry them among them 12 stones to protect them from wounds and death in battle. These 12 stones were credited with the showing of true spiritual teaching by creating miracles of healing performed by the high priests.) During the baroque period, the rich green gemstone once again enjoyed a brief heyday, and then it somehow faded into oblivion.
This beautiful stone is worn or carried for general healing purposes, and is said to bring healing and vitality to the whole body. Peridot increases strength & physical vitality, protects against nervousness and aids in healing hurt feelings. Because of it’s yellowish green color, peridot has been believed to cure diseases of the liver and difficulties with digestion as well as protect lungs, sinuses, and wrists from illness and injury. Ground peridot, taken internally, was once used as a treatment for asthma. As with other gemstones, the color of the peridot stone is directly related to parts of the body that it can be of aid to. It aids in physical detoxification and helps problems with the kidneys, bladder, gall bladder, and the stomach. Peridot heals such illnesses as ulcers, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. It is also useful in helping to heal insect bites. Peridot has a tonic effect- it heals and regenerates tissues, strengthens the metabolism and benefits the skin. It aids the heart, thymus, and spleen. If placed on the abdomen, it aids in giving birth by strengthening the muscle contractions while lessening the pain. Peridot is also helpful in treating skin diseases and difficulties associated with the adrenal glands and endocrine systems. It is also used to treat fevers. Legends credit peridot strengthening the eyes, and several sources say that in ancient times, cups or other vessels made of peridot were used in healing because medicinal liquids drunk from them were more effective.
Peridot is also very beneficial when it comes to treating psychological afflictions as well. It is a wonderful stone to help someone who is going through depression. It is a stone of lightness that counters the effects of negative emotions. It has the ability to balance the process of emotional release and detoxifies negative emotions, bringing them to comfortable levels. Peridot fosters emotional balance, security, and inner peace. It soothes nervousness, heals emotional and physical pain, and lightens suffering. Because it is calming to the nervous system, peridot is also useful in promoting sleep. Peridot banishes lethargy, which can attack someone who is experiencing depression. The stone’s energy balances bipolar disorders. It also brings about necessary change, which is much needed to someone who is depressed. Peridot also has other psychological effects and uses. It can help one overcome hypochondria. It can greatly improve difficult relationships. It treats phobias, particularly those associated with fears of the dark, becoming like a security blanket to a small child.
It is used to stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras allowing openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of matters of the heart. (For specific chakra work, because it acts to seal the aura, it is suggested that peridot be removed while working on chakras other than the heart and solar plexus.) Peridot opens, cleanses and activates the heart, which can help one to release old baggage. All burdens, guilt and obsessions become cleared and a new psychological clarity and feeling of well-being begin. Peridot teaches that holding onto the past is counter productive. It shows you how to detach yourself from outside influences and how to look to your own higher energies for guidance. It assists in moving forward rapidly in therapeutic situations. It also helps you understand your destiny and spiritual purpose, helping you attain your full potential. All in all, the stone sharpens the mind and opens it to new levels of awareness.
Throughout history, there have been many legends that state the strong magical power that peridot possesses. Legend says that if the gem is set in gold, it will develop its full potential as a talisman and will have the power to dispel terrors of the night, fears and bad dreams. However, according to Pliny The Elder, the Great Roman authority on such matters, for peridots to work their strongest magic, they must be worn on the right arm. He also wrote that peridot is “dull during daylight hours but will glow like a hot coal by night.” Peridot represents wealth and financial success (think of its green hue) and also attracts romance. It has been long considered to be an aid to friendship and supposedly frees the mind of envious thoughts. It is also supposed to protect the wearer from the evil eye and with bringing happiness, good cheer and attract lovers. A piece of peridot upon which was carved an ass was believed to assist a person with a skill or prophesy, and the engraving of a totem of a vulture allowed the stone to have control over various demonic spirits as well as the winds. It assists in finding what is lost, and strengthens ESP abilities, and has been said to make a shield of protection around the body of any wearer. According to folklore, peridot brought power and influence to its owner, as well as bringing good luck, peace, and success. Its powers include health, protection, and sleep. Peridot is said to attract love while also soothing nerves and dispelling negative emotions, and it is believed to promote sleep when worn to bed..  Peridot, further, helps to heal a bruised ego by assisting in the lessening of jealousy, anger, (it will calm a raging anger) and fear, by inspiring happiness with oneself and delight in ones own nature. Peridot is used to help dreams become a reality. The deep green hue of the peridot also suggests a connection in wealth-attracting.
The stone emits a warm and friendly energy and can be used to magnify the inner aspects of any situation. It helps one to understand ones own inner life changes, and helps a person see their own light and recognize that they are deserving of love. It also helps those who feel they have little personal power, as working with the stone, or keeping one with you, will give you that extra boost you might need. If you want to start a growth period, meditate with peridot in your left hand (the receiving one). Visualize the bright color (and the energy that accompanies it) coursing through your chakras, clearing and grounding them. Then see it clearing and grounding your aura. Tell the universe that you are ready for growth, and trust the universe to do the rest. It’s ok to then visualize your chakras returning to their normal colors, it is just more intense this way! (The brighter, and more yellow the color, the more intense the experience. This is the stone of adventure. We never know what we will find, but it sure is a heck of a ride!)


Mystical Sculptress

Encyclopedia of Gemstones

Jewels For Me


Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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Bonus Post! Mabon Associations

August 28, 2008 at 3:26 pm (Autum Equinox, Books, Circle, Cleansing, Fae, Faery, Fairy, Herbs, History, Lore, Mabon, Magic, Magical Stones, pagan, prosperity, Protection, Ritual, Witch)

The sources for this information are many. I will include what I have to hand:
Net Sisters Organization

The Sabbats, a New Approach to Living the Old Ways by Edain McCoy
Trancing the Witches Wheel by Jasmine Galenorn
Celebrate the Earth by Laurie Cabot
Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura
The Witches’ God by Janet and Stewart Farrar

Altar Decorations:

  • Simple altar decorations can be obtained by taking a calm “pilgrimage” through your local woods and collecting leaves, acorns, berries, and other things symbolic of nature’s bounty.
  • Some chose to sprinkle Autumn leaves around the house and on the sides of walk ways as decoration, though this may not be convenient if one lives in the city or doesn’t enjoy the cleanup.
  • Alternately, the changing leaves can be dipped in paraffin and put on wax paper. After the leaves dry, they may be placed around the house or in large jars with sigils of protection and/or abundance carved lightly into them.
  • Candles should be brown or cinnamon.
  • Decorate circle with
    • autumn flowers
    • acorns
    • gourds
    • corn sheaves
    • fall leaves
  • Altar cloths can also be made of material with Fall designs.
  • A traditional practice is to walk wild places and forests, gathering seed pods and dried plants. Some of these can be used to decorate the home or altar

Herbs & Plants

  • Rue
  • yarrow
  • rosemary
  • marigold
  • sage
  • walnut & walnut leaves and husks
  • mistletoe
  • saffron
  • chamomile
  • almond & leaves
  • passionflower
  • frankincense
  • rose hips
  • bittersweet
  • sunflower
  • wheat
  • oak leaves
  • dried apple or apple seeds
  • acorns
  • asters
  • benzoin
  • ferns
  • honeysuckle
  • milkweed
  • mums
  • myrrh
  • pine & pine cones
  • roses
  • solomon’s seal
  • thistles
  • cedar
  • ivy
  • hazel
  • corn
  • aspen
  • autumn leaves
  • cypress cones
  • harvest gleanings
  • grains
  • roses
  • vegetables
  • tobacco
  • hops
  • vines
  • gourds
  • pumpkin
  • statice
  • hazelnut


  • pine
  • sage
  • sweetgrass
  • myrhh
  • marigold
  • passionflower
  • fern
  • frankincense
  • spice
  • cinnamon
  • orange
  • tangerine
  • aloe wood
  • jasmine
  • musk
  • cloves
  • benzoin,

Stones – stones ruled by the Sun will help bring the Sun’s energy to you


  • Brown
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Maroon
  • Russet
  • Deep Gold
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Dark Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Indigo
  • Green

Ritual Oils:

  • Apple Blossom
  • Hay/straw
  • Black Pepper
  • Patchouli
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Tangerine
  • Orange


  • Wine
  • Grapes
  • Nuts
  • Apples
  • The gleanings of the Second Harvest corn
  • Corn bread
  • Cider
  • Beans
  • Baked Squash
  • Breads
  • Pomegranates
  • Fall Fruits
  • Corn and Wheat Products
  • Vegetables
  • Roots
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Potatoes


  • Basket of Fallen Leaves
  • Pinecones
  • Sun Wheel
  • Wine
  • Wolves
  • Gourds
  • Horns of Plenty
  • Grapes
  • Vines
  • Garland
  • Burial Cairns
  • Rattles
  • Indian Corn
  • Apples
  • Cornucopia

Spell & Ritual workings:
should be those of Protection, prosperity, security, and self-confidence. Mabon is a good time to cast spells of balance and harmony. It’s also a time of change. Protection, wealth and prosperity spells including offerings to the land in preparation for cold weather and bringing in harvest are appropriate as well. Since this is a time for balance – you might include spells that will bring into balance and harmony the energies either in a room, home, or situation. Fall Equinox, also known as Mabon, occurs in the middle of September. It is the main harvest festival of the Wiccan calendar and marks the beginning of Autumn. The Goddess manifests in Her Bountiful Mother aspects. The God emerges as the Corn King and Harvest Lord.It is the festival of thanksgiving. Select the best of each vegetable, herb, fruit, nut, and other food you have harvested or purchased and give it back to Mother Earth with prayers of thanksgiving. Hang dried ears of corn around your home in appreciation of the harvest season. Do meditations and chanting as you store away food for the Winter. Do a thanksgiving circle, offering thanks as you face each direction—

  • for home, finances, and physical health North;
  • for gifts of knowledge East;
  • for accomplishments in career and hobbies South;
  • for relationships West;
  • for spiritual insights and messages Center


  • thanksgiving
  • harvest
  • introspection
    Ritual actions might include the praising or honoring of fruit as proof of
    the love of the Goddess and God, and a ritual sprinkling of Autumn leaves.


  • Wine deities
  • Aging Deities.


  • All Grape Goddesses
  • Akibimi (Japanese)
  • Cessair (Welsh)
  • Harmonica (Greek)
  • Mama Allpa (Peruvian)
  • Morgan (Welsh-Cornish)
  • Nikkal (Canaanite)
  • Ninkasi (Sumerian)
  • Rennutet (Egyptian)
  • Snake Woman
  • All Vegetable Goddesses
  • Anapurna (Indian)
  • Epona
  • Lilitu (Semitic)
  • Modron (Welsh)
  • The Muses
  • Ningal (Sumerian)
  • Pamona (Roman)
  • Sin (Irish)
  • Sophia (Greco-Hebraic)


  • All Wine Gods
  • All Non-Grain Harvest Gods
  • All Gods of Fruit
  • All Gods of Abandonment
  • Dionysus (Roman)
  • Bacchus (Greek)
  • Haurun (Canaanite)
  • Hermes (Greek)
  • Great Horned God (European)
  • Hotei (Japanese)
  • Iaccus (Greco-Tuscan)
  • Mabon (Welsh)
  • Orcus (Roman)
  • Thoth (Egyptian)

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

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